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Taking as our most fundamental principle the creation of a more just and humane society, the Department of Languages embodies a pluralistic teaching and learning environment by exemplifying our diversity. We infuse our courses with a multicultural, multiethnic content, committing ourselves to counter the inexcusable and all too frequent omission of the African continental and Diaspora presence in the teaching of languages and literatures, while at the same time incorporating a global perspective that prepares students for their professional and personal lives in the third millennium. 

Through our own departmental diversity, our varied research interests, and our dedication to a pluralistic and integrated pedagogy, the Department of Languages works to advocate a sound intellectual dialogue, a rigorous and progressive academic formation, and a commitment to stand firm against all forms of injustice and prejudice. We engage in the ongoing enhancement of our curricula and dedicate our efforts to making all our courses encompassing, enriching, and challenging.


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Placement Policy Spanish 1010, French 1010, and Chinese 1010, and American Sign Language 1010 are for students that have no prior experience studying the language. Students that have studied Spanish, French, Chinese, or American Sign Language previously in elementary or high school should take the placement test. Students will receive three hours placement credit for the course below the course they place into after earning a C or better in the course. For example, if a student is placed into Spanish 2020, after getting a C or better in the course they will also receive a three hour placement credit for Spanish 2010. If you have any questions about the placement policy, please contact an instructor.

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