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Welcome to the Chemistry Department. We hope that you will find us to be an interesting and dynamic department. We are the second largest department at Xavier with eight different types of major programs including Chemistry, Chemistry ACS (with American Chemical Society Certification), BiochemistryChemistry Premed (Chemistry Pre-professional), Chemistry Pre-Pharmacy, Chemistry/Pharmacy Dual Degree (3+4), Dual Degree Chemical Engineering (3+2), and Chemistry Education.

We have a very research-active department and many of our students earn money by conducting research with our faculty in projects funded by research grants. In addition, we have an award-winning Chemistry Club that participates in community and departmental service activities, seminars, and chemistry experiment demos across the city.

We pride ourselves on our quality of instruction, faculty, undergraduate research, instrumentation, and the accomplishments of our students. If you are interested in a career in chemistry, medicine, pharmacy, drug design, cancer research, environmental chemistry, alternate energy sources, cosmetic chemistry, science education, nanotechnology, engineering, or many other exciting occupations, consider majoring in chemistry at Xavier. Feel free to contact the Chemistry Department Head for more information. 

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Dr. Mehnaaz Ali, associate professor of chemistry, and Dr. Abha Verma, assistant professor of chemistry, have been granted funding for the Xavier University of Louisiana- Mobile Outreach for Laboratory Enrichment (XULA-MOLE) project through the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Science Education Partnership Award (SEPA) program.

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Dr. Meda’s project “Investigation of Interfacial Chemical and Ion Transport in Solid Inorganic-Polymer Electrolyte” recently received a National Science Foundation (NSF) Excellence in Research Award. Dr. Meda applied for the grant, totaling $513,443. Dr. Jennifer Schaefer of the University of Notre Dame and Co-Principal Investigator of the project, is collaborating with Dr. Meda and his research team.

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