COP Academics


The College of Pharmacy provides an unsurpassed education for students.

Division of Clinical and Administrative Sciences

The Division of Clinical and Administrative Sciences has three sections, Acute Care Practices, Ambulatory Care Practices and Behavioral and Administrative Science.

Division of Basic and Pharmaceutical Sciences

DBPS strives to increase the breadth and depth of fundamental and applied knowledge acquired by students to assure that they become proficient pharmacists. As a minority serving institution the DBPS serves to educate pharmacist with varying ethnic backgrounds as a means to increase the cultural competencies apparent in the health care environment.

Professional Experience Program

The purpose of the Professional Experience Program (PEP) within the College of Pharmacy is to expose students to various pharmacy practice experiences within the profession. This is accomplished through the Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience (IPPE) and Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience (APPE) as structured experiential courses. Students are exposed to the concept of professionalism, developing practice skills and gaining exposure to a variety of career opportunities. Ultimately, PEP coordinates opportunities for active participation and comprehensive experiences such that students gain the required skills and judgment necessary within the pharmacy profession.