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Confucius Institute’s Dragon Ruled the Dragon day at Children’s Museum. CI News. [07-21-2018]

Confucius Institute Continues to contribute to Xavier SOAR summer programCI News. [07-10-2018]

Highlights of the 2018 Xavier Education Delegation to ChinaCI News. [07-01-2018]

Confucius Institute Joined “Night against Crime” on 10/17CI News. [10-18-2017]

Confucius Institute Board Member Karl Turner Donating to Student CauseCI News. [05-24-2017]

Practicing the Art of Physical Balance: Tai Chi Retreat on Xavier CampusCI News. [05-23-2017]

Tai Chi workshop at Xavier to make May 20 a 'day about health' The Times Picayune. [05-10-2017]

Xavier CI Director Dr. Jiang Spoke at the “Global Ties” Seminar in Washington D.C.  CI News. [05-03-2017]

Xavier’s Serena Newberry Won Third Place at the US South Chinese Proficiency Competition.  CI News. [04-05-2017]

Xavier's Confucius Institute snares 'Institute of the Year' honorThe Times Picayune. [03-28-2017] 
Xavier Confucius Institute Celebrates its Confucius Institute of the Year Award. CI News. [03-21-2017]

Xavier’s Confucius Institute a Major Contributor to APAS Children’s Holiday Party.  Xavier News. [12-15-2016]
Xavier Earns Confucius Institute of the Year AwardXavier News. [12-12-2016] 
Xavier University jazz group makes big impression in ChinaThe Times Picayune. [10-12-2016] 

Xavier Confucius Institute the Central Piece in a Chinese National TV Documentary. CI News. [06-16-2016]

Hello From Beijing - 2016 Summer Study in China Updates. CI News. [05-16-2016]

Xavier signs student exchange agreement with Chinese universityThe Times Picayune. [04-20-2016]

Xavier China Club Gathers for a Spring Date. CI News. [02-27-2016]

"Chinese Bridge" Competition Louisiana Contest a Huge SuccessCI News. [02-27-2016]

Celebrating Chinese New Year with Quintessential Music from ChinaCI News. [02-27-2016]

The Xavier Confucius Institute Sponsors City of Gretna Chinese New Year CelebrationCI News. [02-07-2016]

K12 Teacher Mr. Jiemin Hu Won Outstanding Youth Award in ChinaCI News. [01-27-2016]

Moon Festival Celebrated at New Orleans K12 schoolsCI News. [09-27-2015]

Moon Festival (Mid Autumn) Celebrated at XavierThe Times Picayune. [09-15-2015]

Commemorating the 70th Anniversary of the World's Anit-Facism WarCI News. [09-12-2015]

Chinese language course is a success at several New Orleans schools. The Times Picayune. [06-15-2015]

Xavier of New Orleans delegation visits ChinaThe Times Picayune. [01-28-2015]

Xavier University to Lead Chinese Language Study in La. SchoolsDiverse Magazine. [11-05-2014]

Global Confucius Institute Day Celebration Planned in New OrleansThe Times Picayune. [09-02-2014]

Seven K-12 Schools to Offer Mandarin Chinese Courses Beginning Fall 2014 CI News. [07-15-2014]

Xavier's K-12 Education Delegation to China a Huge SuccessCI News. [06-12-2014]

Xavier Art Professor Ron Bechet in China.CI News. [06-11-2014]

Summer Study Abroad in China Successfully Completed(Chinese version) CI News. [06-02-2014]

Audubon Charter School “Things of China” Project a Huge Success. The New Orleans Tribune. [05-25-2014]

Xavier's Second Year of Summer Study Abroad in ChinaThe New Orleans Tribune. [04-20-2014]

Amazing China – 2014 Chinese New Year Celebration. (Chinese Version) CI News. [1-25-2014]

Older News

China Summer Camp Photo Contest Winner AnnouncedCI News. [11-03-2013]

Confucius Institute Fan Dance Team Dazzles the Crowd on Culture NightCI News. [11-03-2013]

Chinese Folk Music Highlight of Mid-Autumn Festival at XavierCI News. [09-30-2013]

HBU Visiting Professor Jingwu Hu Returns to ChinaCI News. [08-30-2013]

A Fruitful Trip - Xavier Confucius Institute 2013 China Summer CampCI News. [05-31-2013]

Confucius Institute Sponsored Asian Festival Children’s Tent the Best EverCI News. [05-25-2013]

Chinese Culture Impresses USDA ScientistsCI News. [05-21-2013]

Faculty and Student Exchange Focus of Hebei University Visit to XavierCI News. [05-17-2013]

CI Draws Huge Crowd at the Children's Museum World's FairCI News. [05-11-2013]

Xavier Confucius Institute Hosts Chinese and African Art ColloquiumCI News. [05-09-2013]

Excellent Debut of Xavier Confucius Institute at Chinese Bridge ContestCI News. [04-21-2013]

Nanchang and Xavier Joint Concert a Huge SuccessCI News. [04-19-2013]

Louisiana “Chinese Bridge” Contest Held at Xavier . CI News. [03-27-2013]

China Business WeekCI News. [03-21-2013]

Chinese New Year CelebrationCI News. [02-16-2013]

Building a Bridge to ChinaThe New Orleans Tribune. [01-08-2013]

Xavier Delegation Visited China December 10-19, 2012CI News. [12-21-2012]

Confucius Institue Supports Chinese Speech ContestCI Community News. [11-11-2012]

Confucius Institute Staff Won Singing ContestCI Community News. [11-10-2012]

Xavier Attends U.S. South Confucius Institute Directors ConferenceCI News. [11-06-2012] 

Confucius Institute Participates in Culture NightCI Campus News. [11-02-2012] 

Confucius Institute Grand Opening Celebrated on October 19. CI_XULA News. 中文版 [10-29-2012] 

Xavier University Confucius Institute Grand Opening. Hanban News. [10-29-2012] 

Consul General Xu Erwen Spoke at the Presidential Gala. Houston Consulate-General. [10-24-2012]

Consul General Xu Erwen Attended the Unveiling Ceremony. Houston Consulate-General. [10-23-2012] 

Confucius Institute opens at Xavier University: To the RimThe Times Picayune. [10-21-2012] 

Xavier University establishes Confucius InstituteThe Times Picayune. [10-16-2012] 

Confucius Institute Supports Senior Student EventsCI Campus News. [09-21-2012] 

Xavier delegation visits university in ChinaThe Times Picayune. [09-13-2012] 

Xavier picks first Confucius Institute director. The Times Picayune. [07-04-2012] 

University strikes China partnershipNational Catholic Reporter. [06-22-2012]

Xavier institute offering summer study in China. The Times Picayune. [03-15-2012] 

Xavier is First HBCU to Land a Confucius InstituteDiverse Issue in Higher Education. [02-28-2012] 

Xavier first La. University to establish Confucius InstituteThe Louisiana Weekly Newspaper. [12-19-2011] 

Xavier University to Establish a Confucius InstituteThe Journal of Blacks in Higher Education. [12-18-2012]