New Core Course Guidelines

Elizabeth Manley 

Joseph Ross 

Jeremy Tuman (chair)

Syed Ahmed 

David Anderson (chair) 

Jayalakshmi Sridhar

Jason Berntsen (chair) 

Wyndi Ludwikowski 

Richard Peters 

Sr. Mary Anne Stachow 

Mike Adams (CCWG Representative; cannot be chair) 

Wendy Gaudin (FRSM Representative, advisory role; cannot be chair)

Ron Dorris (chair) 

Thad Babiiha 

Tyra Gross

Jerry Farmer (chair) 

Shamsul Huda 

Cliff Wright

Peter Barrett 

Brian Turner 

Candace Lawrence *Chair TBA

Marcus Ballard 

Sister Donna Gould 

Jonathan Rotondo-McCord *Chair TBA

Willie Gin (chair) 

Krista Mincey 

Lisa Schulte-Gipson

Jessica Graber 

Olly Hennessey 

Paul Schafer (chair)

Ron Bechet 

Sarah Weaver 

Mark Whitaker *Chair TBA

Jim Dunson (chair) 

Lisa Flanagan 

Michael Homan 

Heather Williamson 

Chris Faircloth (CCWG Representative; cannot be chair)

Amy Hite 

Ross Louis 

Robin Runia (chair) 

Jay Todd 

Steve Salm (CCWG Representative; cannot be chair)

Policies and Forms

Academic Integrity Policy Complaint Policy Language Placement Process Languages Credit and Placement

Academic Forgiveness Policies


Academic Forgiveness Form CCC Academic Forgiveness Policy Pass Fail Form Renewal Academic Forgiveness Reprieve Academic Forgiveness


Faculty Handbook

Our entire Faculty Handbook is online for you to view, search and print.

2019 - 2020 Faculty Handbook PDF

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