About Us

History of Cancer Programs at Xavier

LCRC Vision

To establish a NCI-Designated Cancer Center in New Orleans, La with LCRC partners LSU HSC, Tulane, Xavier and Ochsner.

NCI Designation: What Does It Mean?

  • The Cancer Centers Program of the NCI supports major academic and research institutions throughout the United States.
  • Requests from eligible institutions for cancer center support are subjected to a competitive peer review process.
  • Successful applicants are awarded a P30 Cancer Center Support Grant to fund the scientific infrastructure of the cancer center, including administration, research resources, and flexible funds that help the center pursue its planned objectives and take immediate advantage of new basic and clinical research opportunities.
  • There are currently 68 NCI-Designated Cancer Centers in the United States.

Mission and Vision

LCRC Mission

To develop a coordinated cancer research and education programs that will optimize discovery and development of innovative cancer therapies; lead to innovative clinical treatment programs offering new opportunities for early detection, treatment, and prevention of cancer in our region; and promote regional economic growth.

Xavier's Mission within the LCRC

To facilitate the development of cancer research at Xavier by providing research funding opportunities, developing research infrastructure and supporting core facilities that will support current and future faculty as independent and collaborative research partners within the LCRC.

Xavier's Vision for Participation in the LCRC

Building on the unique strengths of Xavier University, to develop cancer research, education, and cancer screening/treatment resources for the region, in collaboration with LSU HSC, Tulane and Ochsner that will be internationally recognized for excellence.

The Consortium's success will mean much more than improved cancer research for the citizens of Louisiana. It will also:

  • Fuel economic development by helping to attract federal grants, industrial partnerships, good jobs, and new businesses as a result of scientific discovery
  • Promote cancer prevention and aim to lower the death rate from cancer
  • Provide the citizens of Louisiana better opportunities for cancer care with an NCI-Designated Cancer Center in their home state.

LCRC at Xavier University Organizational chart