Compliance & Awareness

Dear Xavierites,

The continued presence of sexual violence in today’s society is a constant reminder that there is much work to be done towards achieving Mother Katharine’s dreams of a more just and humane society. 

On our Xavier campus, debasing acts towards our fellow human beings are not tolerated. We are all charged with the protection of our Xavier family and its values: to uphold the voice of those who have suffered and may be suffering still. We are responsible for building and re-building the merit and humanity of those who have been broken and silenced, and for restoring each other’s souls through justice and fellowship. 

Students who have experienced victimization are encouraged to take advantage of the services offered by Xavier University’s Office of Violence Prevention Education and Advocacy, which has been created to help alleviate the burden of navigating processes and resources related to victimization. Services provided to students are confidential, and intended to ensure all options are explored, to make referrals, provide advocacy and assistance during university and legal/criminal proceedings, provide resources and discuss safety planning. 

Please contact me at or 504-520-7503 if you would like to schedule an appointment in my office at the Administration Building, room 209. Know there is help available to you.

Alternately, we have launched a compliance hotline, EthicsPoint, allowing students, faculty and staff to report instances of suspected non-compliance with Xavier’s behavioral ethics with complete protection against retaliation. If you are looking for guidance, or to make a report, please call 844-754-9414 or visit

Xavier’s walls are a safe space for our future leaders to become who they are called to be in this society. We remain committed to guarding our values and voices so that we go out into the world prepared to build a greater and more evolved global community.



Jennifer Bodnar

Director, Violence Prevention Education, and Advocacy

Xavier University of Louisiana 


Office of Violence Prevention Education and Advocacy website


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