Deciding Majors

The OFFICE OF STUDENT SUCCESS provides advising and support for students who are identified as Deciding Majors. These are first-year students at Xavier University who have not chosen a major or returning students who were unsuccessful in their selected major.

Deciding majors are placed in two categories:

 (1) Students who are eligible to enroll in any course before selecting a major 
(2) Students who have been restricted to core curriculum courses 

Deciding majors are advised in selecting an appropriate major leading toward the bachelor's degree. However, students who are determined as a Deciding Non-Science major by the Academic Standing Committee are not eligible to select a natural science.

Students are allowed to remain a Deciding major for two semesters. An additional semester is allowed for students who have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 and require an additional semester to meet the GPA requirement of their intended major. Permission to remain as a Deciding Major after two semesters must be granted by the OFFICE OF STUDENT SUCCESS. After the maximum of three (3) semesters, students who have not been admitted or have chosen an academic department ordinarily will be dismissed from the University.

Deciding majors are given several opportunities throughout the semester to meet with faculty and staff from around the campus. Monthly meetings are scheduled and may include presentations for Career Services, Intercultural and International Programs or one or more department chairs on the value of a major in their areas. We review policies and procedures and keep the Deciding Majors focused on a curriculum that will help to make a wise and informed decision.