The CMHDRE began in 2002, with a primary focus on diabetes and diabetes related illnesses. With time and an expanding interest in the work of the CMHDRE among faculty and staff, cancer soon became a secondary focus of the Center with key faculty of the College of Pharmacy (COP) dedicating large percentages of their time to cancer related research.
In an effort to grow the Center even further and to address emerging concerns in the African American community, CMHDRE extended support to faculty pursuing research in the area of asthma and building the capacity to conduct future phase III and IV clinical trials in COP. Presently, the Center has expanded its focus to encompass the social determinants of health (SDOH), or the social, economic and environmental conditions that influence these disease burdens. These include income/employment, physical environment, childhood development, amongst others.

The burden of disease in Louisiana attributable to the social determinants of health suggests an increasing need for research and education in these areas.  Thus our areas of emphasis include, but are not limited to

Areas of Emphasis: 

1) diabetes research and education 

2) cancer research and prevention/early detection education 

3) Asthma education and prevention 

4) building the capacity of the COP to conduct future research studies.