Virtual Panel Discussion- The Joy and The Wound: Witnessing America, Race, and Righteous Rage

June 19, 2020
11:00 AM - 01:00 PM

Event Description

Hosted by the Center for Equity, Justice, and the Human Spirit.

This year’s murders of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and George Floyd coupled with the devastating impact of COVID-19 on Black and marginalized communities have driven many of us very quickly from despair to outrage.

What has been made crystal clear over the last few months and last few weeks is that we have much work to do on ourselves, within our respective communities, in the city, state, and the nation. Fueled by both poor national leadership, Black murders at the hands of law enforcement, and a growing racist rhetoric exacerbated by COVID-19’s disproportionate impact on Black and marginalized communities, we are witnessing the righteous rage of the oppressed spill over into the streets, with the hope to destroy the lie of white supremacy and to dismantle oppressive systems.

For most of us, the wounds outweigh the joy, but the joy is not to be made a crumb. The joy fuels us, aids in healing the wounds, and catalyzes hope; the joy itself is resistance, but so too is the righteous rage.

This virtual conversation seeks to analyze what is occurring in our country with respect to race/race relations; to discuss the legal, historical, and socio-political issues that remain ever-present; and meaningfully consider ways that we might move toward collective transformation.

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