COVID-19 Events

CMHDRE has partnered with community members and organizations to create a space for local experts to share their experiences with the pandemic, and their expertise on improving health and wellness within communities of color. These included a community forum through Zoom and WBOK 1230 radio station, a roundtable discussion on mental health, a mental health forum for frontline healthcare workers, and a number of broadcasts in Spanish on wellness during the pandemic for the Latino community. We partnered with the Xavier University Center for Equity, Justice, and the Human Spirit to provide a series of “Truth Exposed” panel discussions on the intersection of COVID-19 and various social health-related topics. Topics included: environmental justice, mental health, education, and families, amongst others.

The Truth Exposed 

Community Health and Wellness Forums

This series of community forums provided a platform for dialogue with the community, health professionals, and experienced experts to highlight community concerns and to collectivize the voice of the Black community, and to get community direction to influence services and policies improving the health and wellness of African Americans.

Latino Education Initiatives 

CMHDRE partnered with community organizations serving the Latino community to provide a series of educational events in Spanish on how to improve mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical health during the pandemic