Current Initiatives

Current Initiatives

PK-16 Education Equity

Education is one of the greatest determinants of one’s quality of life. In the landmark Brown v. Board of Education case, the U.S. Supreme Court set the stage to end segregation by race in all public schools in the nation, establishing that the Jim Crow era separate-but-equal doctrine was unjust and not equal at all. Yet, today we still see inequities in the racial demographics of our schools as well as in the resources and disciplinary actions that children of color receive in comparison to their white counterparts. 

The Center seeks to change the preK-16 educational landscape by partnering with educational equity experts and Xavier students and faculty to set them up for success and leadership with a focus on equitable outcomes for children of color. Restorative practices training and programming will be developed to advance equity in educational policies and practice, limit bias, improve cultural humility, and increase the number of educators of color in the school system.

Criminal Justice Reform

From children to adults, our criminal justice system dehumanizes people and rarely offers restorative approaches for remediating harm experienced by victims of crimes or to those accused of committing them. Bias in policing, prosecution, and the prison system lead to the unfair treatment of people of color in their communities and when interacting with the justice system. 

The Center for Equity, Justice and the Human Spirit will collaborate with criminal justice reform stakeholders and community members to determine how the Center can advocate for policy and systems change. The Center will also work with students interested in conducting public policy research that will provide guidance on the latest challenges and progressive initiatives happening in the field of criminal justice reform.

Environmental Sustainability

Place and race matter. Communities of color have had traumatic experiences with land and climate due to our nation’s centuries of racist policies and oppressive systems.

Where we live impacts the lives we live and our access to opportunities, and communities of color have been historically and intentionally limited in their choices for where they live, work, and play.

The Center will partner with organizations doing work in the environmental justice and climate change and adaptation sectors to change the landscape for communities of color and the impacts of the built environment on their mental and physical health. 

The Center for Equity, Justice, and the Human Spirit conducts original research to impact policy, change practice and inspire purpose in the areas of preK-16 education equity, criminal justice reform and environmental sustainability. The Center’s research and advocacy are tools for transformational social change and uplifting of the human spirit.