Our Staff

The Writing Center is staffed by professional instructors and peer tutors who work with individual students to help them understand and apply the principles of effective writing. Within the guidelines of writing lab pedagogy, each person brings a unique style to assisting our students. In addition, we are continually upgrading our skills, whether in computer technology, composition theory, or writing center ethics.


Ms. Angelle Scott is the Writing Resource Center Coordinator. She holds both a Bachelor of Arts in English and a Master of Arts in English (with concentrations in rhetoric/composition and American literature) from the University of New Orleans.  In the past, she has worked and taught at the University of New Orleans and at Dillard University. Many of Ms. Scott’s poems, articles, and essays have been published both online and in print; one of her poems, “The Diet,” was nominated for a Pushcart Prize in 2011. Her literary interests include YA fiction, the dystopian novel, and creative nonfiction.

You may contact Ms. Angelle Scott by phone at 504-520-7484 or by email at ascott17@xula.edu.

Staff Instructors

Ms. Maia Harrison is the Writing Resource Center Staff Instructor. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in English from Stetson University (with concentrations in poetics and creative writing). In the past, she has worked as a tutor in the Stetson University Writing Center and a Learning Specialist at Daytona State College. Her work has previously been featured in the Vestal Review, and Touchstone Literary Journal, where she served as Editor-in-Chief from 2009 to 2011. Her interests include reading and writing, of course, as well as cooking, collecting ball pythons, and singing karaoke whenever she talks her co-workers into joining her.

You may contact Ms. Maia Harrison by phone at 504-520-6282 or by email at mharri19@xula.edu.


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