Women’s Studies

Women's Studies

The Women'Äôs Studies Minor is offered under the coordination of the Women'Äôs Studies Advisor. The interdisciplinary approach of the Women'Äôs Studies Minor is designed to assist the student to develop a comprehensive body of knowledge that critically analyzes the gendering process from a multidisciplinary perspective, illuminated via themes drawn from the humanities, languages, and the social sciences. The Minor consists of eighteen (18) credits, six (6) of which are required credits in the courses listed in Group A and twelve (12) are elective credits to be taken from the list shown in Group B.

Group A: For a minor in Women'Äôs Studies, a student is required to complete the following two courses:

WMST 1030 Introduction to Women'Äôs Studies
WMST 3990 Feminist Theory

Group B: For a minor in Women'Äôs Studies, four elective courses are to be selected from among the following cross-listed courses. Two courses must be at the 3000 or 4000 level. At least two courses must be outside of the student'Äôs major discipline. For any other course to substitute for one of the courses listed below, prior written approval of the Women'Äôs Studies Advisor is required.

Women’s Studies