Eligibility criteria for the program include, but are not limited, to the following:

  • You must attend one of our target schools (Joseph S. Clark High School, Priestly Charter School, L.E. Rabouin High School, New Orleans Science and Math High School)
  • You must be from a low-income family as determined by the guidelines set by the U.S. Office of Education, and/or
  • Be a first-generation graduate (Neither your father nor mother has graduated from college).
  • You must have completed the 8th grade but have not yet entered the 12th grade.
  • You must be between 14 and 19 years of age.


There is no cost either to students who participate in UPWARD BOUND or to their families. Moreover, as a member of Upward Bound, you will receive a weekly stipend based on your compliance with UPWARD BOUND rules and regulations dealing with attendance, punctuality, and behavior.


For 26 Saturdays from fall to spring, you will attend Saturday sessions at Xavier University, where you will receive tutoring, counseling, and classroom and lab instruction in composition/ literature, mathematics, and science. Computer-assisted instruction is also available. Emphasis will be placed on verbal and analytical skills. You will attend extracurricular activities (e.g., concerts, films, athletic events, and field trips).


For six weeks during the summer, students will attend daily classes in mathematics, composition/literature, science, foreign language, and special interests (speech improvement, etiquette skills, computer literacy course, current events, verbal/analytical reasoning, and ACT review). Students will be exposed to a variety of cultural enrichment activities.


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