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Argos Training

"Argos," is a data reporting tool that provides reports pertaining to enrollment, class demographics, budget and more based on current Banner data. The Report Viewer hands-on training course is designed to expand end users knowledge of the reports available in Argos, how to execute the reports, and how to manipulate the data in excel, adobe acrobat or a text file. Many examples will be presented. This Argos training event is mandatory for those that are currently using Brio.  Sign up now!

Topics Covered in Argos Training

  • Identify support resources
  • Evisions support page
  • Training schedule
  • Technical documentation
  • Argos Folder Structure
  • Purpose of folders
  • Navigation in the folder structure
  • Contents of folders
  • Datablock Navigation
  • Form Object Operations
  • Form Navigation
  • Define Report
  • Learn to execute an Argos report
  • Launch a Quick Launch
  • Launch a QuickView Report
  • Launch a CSV Report
  • Launch a Banded Report
  • Launch an Extract Report
  • Web-viewer
  • Logging in
  • Navigation

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