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Why Theology?

The following information addresses the benefits of pursuing and receiving a theology degree at Xavier University of Louisiana.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact our faculty and majors. We would love to hear from you! A degree in theology provides students with the mental and personal resources to excel in life. Theology courses teach the students to think critically and voice erudite opinions on complex issues. Whether your plans beyond Xavier include graduate school, business, ministry, or human services, a degree in theology provides a solid foundation for your success.

Here is what some theology majors at Xavier had to say about the benefits of a degree in theology:

Maurice Taylor believes that his studies in theology provide him with "the tools" that are universal to any field of study. He is now able to discern the variety of factors involved in examining a particular concept. When answering essay questions, Taylor provides more in-depth answers and is able to formulate answers that are more critically reflective. He feels that his theological education has motivated him to become a better student in all of his classes and enabled him to communicate more effectively.

Rudley Miland credits his theology professors for helping him to become a more independent thinker. "The theology department offers students the rare opportunity to engage in free-thinking and a medium through which they can express their ideas in the context of intellectual studies. Facts are important, but that's not the end of education. Meaning is the goal and key to understanding."

Malik JoDavid Sales pointed out that he has been encouraged to be a more critical thinker. "I no longer take things at face value. I also want to understand the 'why' behind the facts that I am given."

Terina Williams, a Freshman pre-med student majoring in theology, credits her theological studies with providing her with a new perspective on life, new insights into the human condition, and a wider overall background for interpreting reality. She claimed that this new perspective will be valuable in her career as a physician. She also maintained that the critical thinking skills she has developed have made her a better writer and communicator.

The theology degree not only prepares our students to become more reflective, it enables them to understand the impact of religion upon their lives and upon the current culture. Sales explained that "religion and theology are instrumental in our society in areas that are both good and bad. Slavery, the civil rights movement, the First Amendment, and many of the important events in America are results of religious conviction. We must not only come face-to-face with the God reality, but must also seek to understand how the various understandings of God impact our society."

Miland also argued that "whether we admit it or not, all humans innately search for something which seems distant. If it is not God, it is at least meaning. Perhaps theology is an option for this horizon."

Taylor explained how the emphasis on Liberation Theology has impacted his thinking: "This study of theology has given me inspiration not to seek simply the 'right' answer, but the answer which provides the most action."

Terence Keel attributes his study of theology to making him a better thinker: "I felt that theology forced me to challence my old ways of thinking, and to create a new perspective in which I would view life." Keel further elaborates: "Theology helped culture my skills to critacally analyze, discuss, and debate all forms of literature."

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