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Our Faculty Publish and Perform
Dr. Elizabeth Rousselle (Languages) published Gender and Modernity in Spanish Literature (2014).

Dr. Steven J. Salm (History) published the book, Culture and Customs of Ghana (2002).

Dr. Michael M. Homan (Theology) published several books, including To Your Tents, O Israel! (2002).

Dr. Biljana Obradovic (English) published several books, including Frozen Embraces (1997).

MaPó Kinnord-Payton (Art) created ceramic architecture and pottery projects in Northern Ghana.

Dr. Thora Ilin Bayer (Philosophy) published the book, Cassirer's Metaphysics of Symbolic Forms (2001).

Dr. John E. Ware (Music) is a national choral adjudicator for the World Strides Heritage program.

Dr. Sharlene Sinegal-Decuir (History) is featured in a TV documentary on the blues in the U.K. (2014)

Dr. Susan F. Spillman (Languages) published the French play, Compère lapin voyageur (2013).

Dr. Ronald Dorris (AADS/English) published the book, Cane: Jean Toomer's Swan song (1997).

Dr. Gary A. Donaldson (History) published several books, including The Making of Modern America (2009).

Dr. Violet Harrington Bryan (English) published the book, The Myth of New Orleans in Literature (1993).

Dr. Mark A. Gstohl (Theology) published the book, Southern Baptist Theologians and Original Sin (2004).

Dr. Oliver Hennessey (English) published Yeats, Shakespeare, and Irish Cultural Nationalism (2014).

Mr. Ron Bechet (Art) has exhibited his paintings internationally.

Dr. Sharlene Sinegal-DeCuir (History) has given radio interviews on Civil Rights and African American issues.

Dr. Bonnie Noonan (English) published the book, Women Scientists in Fifties Science Fiction Films (2005).

Dr. Paul M. Schafer (Philosophy) edited the book, The First Writings of Karl Marx (2006).

Dr. Nicole Pepinster Greene (English) co-edited the book, Basic Writing in America (2008).

Pianist Dr. Wilfred Delphin (Music) has performed in Carnegie Hall and the East Room of the White House.

Dr. Thaddeo K. Babiiha (English) published the book, The James-Hawthorne Relation (1980).

Clarinetist Dr. Michael White (Languages) has toured internationally with his jazz band.

Mr. Ralph Adamo (English) published several books of poetry, including Waterblind (2002).

Dr. Tim Turner (Music) has performed with Lena Horne and other legends.

Ms. Katheryn Krotzer Laborde (English) published two books, including Do Not Open (2010).

Dr. James A. Dunson III (Philosophy) co-authored the book, Citizen of the World (2013).

Dr. Marcus Ballard (Music) has performed with the Arkansas Symphony Orchestra.

Dr. David Lanoue (English) published several books, including Pure Land Haiku (2004).

Dr. Karen Becnel Moore (Languages) won the Norman C. Francis Excellence in Teaching Award (2009).

Dr. Bonnie Noonan (English) won the Norman C. Francis Excellence in Teaching Award (2010).

Dr. Susan F. Spillman (Languages) won the Norman C. Francis Excellence in Teaching Award (2013).

Dr. Biljana Obradovic (English) won the Norman C. Francis Excellence in Scholarship Award (2015).

Dr. Thomas Bonner, Jr. (English, Emeritus) published The Kate Chopin Companion (1988).

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Fine arts and humanities students at Xavier University of Louisiana receive individualized instruction by faculty who know their names.
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In the Division (with the exception of Music performance instructors) over 95% of the faculty have earned a doctoral degree or M.F.A., and over 93% are fulltime instructors.
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The faculty of Fine Arts & Humanities are committed to doing their best to impart the skills and knowledge necessary for your success.

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