Computer requirements for online/hybrid courses

Xavier's Computer Science Department has all the hardware and software needed for hybrid and online courses in the open lab on the 5th floor of the NCF Science Addition.  This lab is available Monday thru Friday 8:00am-3:30pm. 

For students who wish to work off campus, the following will be needed:

1) Minimum Recommended Computer Configuration

  • (Mac) Intel Core 2 Duo or better processor with OS X 10.5 minimum
  • (PC) Intel Core 2 Duo with Windows Vista or better
  • 2GB+ of memory
  • 120GB+ hard drive
  • DVD RW

2) Internet connection - Google Chrome or Fire Fox

3) Core Software

  • Microsoft WORD
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Access to Blackbook
This will meet the requirements for most of the offered courses.  Other requirements for specific courses are as follows:

CHEM 3210 – Quantative Analysis

CPSC 1005 – Intro to PC’s/Software

  • Microsoft Office Access
  • The required textbook and all instruction are aligned with Microsoft Office Professional 2010, but course assignments can be completed using any previous version of Microsoft Office.

BSAD 3195 – Computer-Based Information Systems

  • an Internet browser other than Internet Explorer (Google Chrome or Fire Fox)
  • latest version of Adobe Flash Player

ECON 1030 – Intro to Economics

FREN 1010/1020 – Elementary French

  • Windows Media Player (for PC users) or QuickTime (for MAC users) downloadable at:
  • JAVA Platform at
  • Access to Listen and Sound files (for lectures) and a microphone on order to record responses.  Headset with earphones and microphone is recommended but not required.
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