Student Health Services

Student Health Services
Flu Alert!!
The Xavier community should expect to see a spike in the number of flu cases affecting our students, staff and faculty. Many hospitals in the greater New Orleans region has been hit hard by the higher volumes of flu related illnesses. A significant amount of our current flu is the H3N2 “A” virus, which can lead to more serious illness. We must remain vigilant and educated as we progress through this pandemic. Read More...

Xavier University of Louisiana Student Health Services is a health care facility and a member of American College Health Association and Southwest College Health Association.

The mission of Student Health Services is to provide the most efficient and effective medical care on behalf of our students with the emphasis placed on mitigating illness.

Student Health Services offers a caring environment with a range of healthcare services, including primary health care, acute care (non-life threatening), a women's clinic, allergy shots, and health and wellness education.

Services provided in Student Health are unlimited to all currently enrolled Xavier University students.

Student Health Services Staff are here not only for those times when you are ill or injured.
We are also here as a WELLNESS resource for you!
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HIV Testing
UC - Room 205C
11AM - 2PM

February 7th
February 21st
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Spring 2018
Insurance Waiver Period

December 05, 2017
January 23, 2018

If you need assistance contact 
Student Health Services @ (504) 520-7396.