Student Health Services

Immunization Requirements

Dear Student,

As you prepare for registration at Xavier University, there are two mandatory requirements that you must complete and submit to Student Health Service prior to registration – Health Clearance and Insurance Information.

  1. Health Clearance – The Health Assessment Form along with proof of immunizations must be submitted to Student Health Services prior to registration. 

    Proof of Immunization Compliance Form (Included in the Health Packet)

    Tetanus – Should be current through anticipated Xavier graduation date.                         
    MMR #1, MMR#2 or Measles, Mumps, Rubella (2 Doses)
    TB (mantoux) Skin Test – Within 6 Months Prior to Registration
    Meningococcal Meningitis – Mandatory for all Students
    (If vaccine was done before 2006, it must be updated)

    Note*** Proof of Immunization Records are Mandatory – No Exceptions

  2. Insurance Information – All undergraduate students must be enrolled in a health insurance plan, which allows them to be seen in emergency rooms and physicians’ offices in the New Orleans area.

    Insurance Waiver Form – MUST BE COMPLETED – NO EXCEPTIONS
    Students will be charged for Health Insurance if the waiver form on-line is not completed.  There will be a deadline for waivers – the dates will be posted on the Xavier website –

    Attaching a copy of your insurance card to the health assessment form is not considered waiving the insurance fees.  In order not to be charged for insurance, the on-line waiver form must be completed.

    Insurance Waiver - Click here for Instructions

Remember, many HMO’s and PPO’s do not provide “out of network” coverage.  Check with your insurance carrier to see if you have “out of network” benefits.  If not you will need to have the student health insurance coverage.  In addition, out of state Medicaid does not cover you in Louisiana.  If that is your only insurance coverage, you must enroll in the school’s insurance.

Remember – If you belong to an HMO or PPO that will cover you in the New Orleans area, you must know how to contact your primary care physician to obtain referrals if needed and how to use that managed care system.