Your first step toward your health and wellness as a Xavier student is to complete the required
Proof of ImmunizationComplianceForm.pdf.

Student Health offers a caring environment with a range of healthcare services.  The staff of health care professionals is available to meet primary and some specialized care needs.  Student Health Services is conveniently located in St. Joseph Academic Health Resource Center, Bldg. 13 - 2nd floor, Ste. 217 (504)520-7396

The staff is composed of physicians a nurse practitioner, nursing staff and an administrative assistant/insurance coordinator.

Eligibility & Fees All currently enrolled Xavier students are eligible for unlimited office visits at no charge.  A minimal fee is assessed for certain services offered e.g. TB Skin test, certain clinical procedures and medical supplies.  These charges can be added to the student’s account and paid at a later date.

Off – campus services, e.g. laboratory test, x-rays, prescriptions, etc. are the responsibility of the student.  You should always present with your insurance card or be prepared to pay.

The Primary Care Clinic is much like your family doctor or health care provider you may have visited most frequently at home.  We see patients with a wide range of acute and chronic complaints.  With proper documentation Student Health can assist with the management of your allergy injections.  Staff is also available to provide medical consultations.  In addition staff can draw on the many specialties of local hospitals and clinics for consultations and /or treatment by referral whenever services are needed.

Women’s Health Clinic a women's health clinic is offered 2 days a week.  Services such as routine yearly exams and pap smears are offered.  Evaluation, counseling and treatment are available for a number of problems including pelvic pain, menstrual irregularities and STI’s.  Office Hours: By Appointment Only - (504)520-7396

Emergency Medical Services are obtained from local Hospital Emergency Rooms when emergency services are needed or when Student Health is closed.
After hours care for illness and injuries is available at Hospital Emergency Rooms and Urgent Care Centers.
Local Hospitals/ Urgent Care Centers

Insurance All currently enrolled undergraduates are required to have medical insurance coverage.  Undergraduates are automatically enrolled in the student insurance offered through the school; those students who are insured thru your family have the option to waive the student insurance

Dental Care - Xavier Student Health does not provide dental services.  Dental services can be obtained from a local private dental practitioner of your choice.  


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