Frequently Asked Questions
My vaccines were done a long time ago. Are they still valid?
The MMR vaccines are good for life, the Tetanus-Diphtheria have to be taken every 10 years, Meningitis every 5 years and the TB Skin Test must be taken within 6 months of registration.
If my records were destroyed due to extenuating circumstances, what should I do?
The State of Louisiana requires any one attending school in Louisiana to submit this documentation in order to attend school in Louisiana. If you are unable to obtain a copy from your previous school or family physician you will have to retake the required immunizations. (MMR's, Tetanus, Meningitis, TB Skin Test)
What is a medical hold and how can I get it removed so that I can register?
New entrants, transfer students or former returning students who have been accepted to Xavier University of Louisiana, are automatically placed on "medical hold" until you satisfy the immunization and tuberculosis screening requirements. Only after satisfying all of the requirements will your medical hold be removed. At this point, you will then be able to register for classes.
What does medically cleared mean?
Medically cleared means you have completed and submitted all required immunizations and tuberculosis screening requirements to Student Health Services.
How do I submit a copy of my medical records to Student Health Services?

All medical records are considered confidential.  If submitting a copy of your medical   
records to us, please make sure to put your student ID number on each page of your  
document(s) and you may mail, hand deliver or fax those to: Fax# :(504)520-7962

    Mailing Address                               Physical Address
Xavier University of Louisiana              St. Joseph Academic & Health Resource Center
Student Health Services                         Bldg. 13 – 2nd Floor, Ste. 217
1 Drexel Drive Box 36
New Orleans, La. 70125-1098     

How do I obtain a copy of my medical records from Student Health Services?
Students wishing to obtain a copy of their medical records must complete a Release of Authorization form click here to download and print form and fax completed form to (504)520-7962 or mail to: 1 Drexel Drive, Box 36, New Orleans, La. 70125.
Is there a fee charged for copies of medical records and where to submit payment?
Yes, students must contact the Cashier's Office @ (504)520-5226 to submit payment. Upon receipt of the Release of Authorization form and notification from the cashiers office of payment your request will be fulfilled within 48 -72 hours.
Will my visits to Student Health Services clinic appear on my school record?

NO!  All visits are confidential and are not part of your academic record.  Information in the
medical record may only be shared if you sign an authorization to disclose protected health
information.  To read more, see

Can I be seen in Student Health Services clinic if I don't have the student insurance?
Yes, All students enrolled in the university may be seen in Student Health Services clinic. Students will be asked to swipe their student ID card to obtain services.
Does the Student Health Center accept medical insurance?
Student Health does not accept or bill medical insurance for services rendered. Insurance information is obtained to submit to providers e.g. LabCorp.
Does the Student Health Center have a pharmacy?
No. There are several pharmacies within walking distance of the campus that accept most prescription here.
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