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Welcome to the Office of Student Accounts Question and Answers web-site.  This web-site contains frequently asked questions and related responses regarding Registering for Classes, Financial Aid, Completing the Registration Process, the Installment Payment Plan, Refunds to Students, Waivers, Exemptions and Sponsored Billings, the W$ Process, Pre-Registration for the Subsequent Semester and Tax Reporting.

If you should either have additional questions or require assistance, please feel free to contact the Office of Student Accounts at (504) 520-7667,, or in person at Xavier South, 3rd Floor, Room 300-B.

Waivers, Exemptions and Sponsored Billings

1. What types of waivers or exemptions are available to students? 
Educational Assistance is available for unmarried students of faculty and staff.  Employees are required to fill out the Dependent Tuition Waiver Form   Additional information on the Dependent Tuition Waiver is located in the Staff Handbook at:
2. What costs are waived by the Dependent Tuition Waiver?
Currently, the dependent tuition waiver pays tuition only.  The student or parent is responsible for mandatory university fees, bookstore charges and any additional miscellaneous fees.
3. How do I obtain the Dependent Tuition Waiver?
A waiver request should be submitted to the Office of Human Resources prior to each semester in which the student plans to enroll.  The qualifications, additional information, and the waiver request is available on the following link:
4. How do I obtain financial aid from the Veterans Administration? 
Students of parents who are Disabled Veterans or currently active/reserve military personnel may be eligible for Veterans Affairs (VA) Benefits.  The Parent should contact their VA Representative to determine which benefits a student is eligible to receive.  Once eligibility is verified by the VA Representative, a Certificate of Eligibility from the VA Administration is provided to the Office of Student Accounts and the Registrar’s Office for certification.  The University will verify and submit the tuition and fees billing to the VA Administration.  After the VA Administration completes the review of the billing and verifies eligibility, a payment is disbursed to the University on behalf of the student.


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