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Welcome to the Office of Student Accounts Question and Answers web-site.  This web-site contains frequently asked questions and related responses regarding Registering for Classes, Financial Aid, Completing the Registration Process, the Installment Payment Plan, Refunds to Students, Waivers, Exemptions and Sponsored Billings, the W$ Process, Pre-Registration for the Subsequent Semester and Tax Reporting.

If you should either have additional questions or require assistance, please feel free to contact the Office of Student Accounts at (504) 520-7667,, or in person at Xavier South, 3rd Floor, Room 300-B.

Financial Aid

1. How does a student apply for financial aid?
To learn more about applying for Financial Aid, go to the Financial Aid website at: aid.
2. What if the Student Financial Aid Office requires additional financial information? What is verification?
The Student Financial Aid Office will notify a student if any additional documents are required to be submitted.  Students should promptly respond to information requests made by the Office of Student Financial Aid.  Approximately one-third of all federal aid applicants are selected by the federal government for verification.  This process allows the University to compare the parent/student’s federal income tax return to the student's FAFSA application,  helping to ensure the student's aid application and financial aid award are correct.  If your FAFSA is selected for verification, the parent and/or student MUST request a copy of their IRS Tax Transcript from the Internal Revenue Service and present the IRS Tax Transcript to Xavier’s Office of Student Financial Aid.  Failure to provide any requested information and the IRS Tax Transcript will result in the student not receiving financial aid.
3. Can you tell me more about the Federal Direct Parent PLUS Loan and/or an Alternative Loan?
The University will award as much financial aid to a student as possible based upon a student’s eligibility.  To help bridge the gap between the student’s financial aid and the cost of attending Xavier, the University recommends that parents/students obtain a Federal Direct Parent PLUS Loan or an Alternative Loan. Learn more about the Direct Parent PLUS Loan and Alternative Loan.
4. When does the financial aid award appear on a student's account? Why doesn't the entire aid award appear on the student's account?
Once accepted, awarded Federal or University grants and scholarships will post to the student's account after the University processes the financial aid funding. Due to federal regulations, federal loans will not post to a student's account until one week after the start of an academic semester.
5. When are loans, grants and scholarships posted to a student's account?
The Financial Aid department processes all loans, grants and scholarships. Once the loans, grants or scholarships are approved and funded (e.g.: student loans are received from the bank/lender), the Office of Student Financial Aid will post the financial aid to the student's account. Students can view their account summary at to determine what financial aid has been posted to their account. Additional information regarding the processing of financial aid is available on the following link:
6. What if I received an Estimated Financial Aid (FA) Award from the Financial Aid Office during Registration?
If a student has received an Estimated FA Award, the student should contact their Financial Aid Counselor to ensure that the necessary paperwork and documentation has been completed and submitted. This will allow timely posting of the actual Federal Financial Aid Award to a student's account.
7. Why is the financial aid posted on my account less than the amount I accepted?
Some student loans require the payment of an origination fee that is normally based on the amount of the loan. Information regarding the origination fee is usually in the loan documentation provided by the lender.


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