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The Fall (Fa), Spring (Sp), or Summer (Su) semesters indicated are expected but are not guaranteed.  Expansive Core Curriculum courses are denoted by EXP.  Service Learning courses are denoted by SL.

SPTH 1320. Introduction to Communication Disorders. Definitions and methods of identifying various speech-language disorders, five hours of observation required.  (3, Fa)

SPTH 2075. Special Topics in Speech Pathology/Audiology. Offered as needed. In-depth study through lecture, discussion, and research of a particular area or issue in the field of speech pathology or audiology.  Specific subject matter to be chosen by the faculty. Prerequisites: At least six semester hours of speech pathology/audiology courses or permission of instructor.  (3)

SPTH 2310. Phonetics. Developmental use of the International Phonetic Alphabet for normal and irregular speech patterns.  (3, Sp)

SPTH 2340 (BIOL 2340). Anatomy and Physiology of Speech and Hearing Mechanism.  Identification and function of anatomical structures pertinent to the processes of speech and hearing. BIOLOGY CREDIT AWARDED TO SPEECH PATHOLOGY MAJORS AND MINORS ONLY.  (4, Fa, EXP)

SPTH 2500. Speech and Hearing Science. The basic principles of acoustics as applied to (a) the production of speech, including respiration, phonation, articulation, resonation, and (b) the perception of speech including auditory behavior. Prerequisites: SPTH 1320 and 2340.  (3, Sp)

SPTH 2510. Speech Science. The basic principles of acoustics as applied to the production of speech, including respiration, phonation, articulation, resonation, and neurological processes.  Prerequisite: SPTH 2340     (3, Sp)

SPTH 2730. Normal Language Development. Study of the normal acquisition and development of language; five hours of observation required. Prerequisite: SPTH 1320.  (3, Sp)

SPTH 3010. Language Disorders. Study of the nature and causes of language disorders in children from birth to 5 years and the evaluation and therapeutic procedures used.  Five hours of observation required. Prerequisite: SPTH 2730(3, Fa)

SPTH 3020. School-Age Language and Literacy Disorders. This course addresses the relationship among language, literacy, and academic functioning in school-age children (ages 5 – 21 years) with typical and disordered language.  Students will examine assessment and intervention strategies for school-age children and adolescents within the school system including language influences for diverse speakers and clinically significant etiologies. Prerequisite: SPTH 3010  (3, Sp)

SPTH 3920. Articulation and Phonological Disorders. Study of speech development, the causes of articulation disorders and procedures and methods for evaluation and treatment. Prerequisites: SPTH 1320 and 2310.  (3, Fa)

SPTH 3335. Audiology. Anatomy and physiology of the ear, etiologies, testing (including pure tone, speech, tympanometry and OAE's).  Five clock hours of observation required.  Prerequisites:  SPTH 2340     (4, Fa)

SPTH 3340. Aural Rehabilitation. Interpretation of audiograms, auditory training, speech reading, prevention of hearing loss, special problems of acoustically handicapped. Prerequisite: SPTH 3535.  (3, Sp)

SPTH 3535. Hearing Testing. Theory and practicum for differential diagnostic audiometric testing.  Includes basic pure tone, speech and special testing for determining site of lesion.  Five hours of observation required. Prerequisites: SPTH 1320, 2340, 2500 and 3335(3, Sp)

SPTH 3560. Fluency Disorders. Exploration of stuttering theories, etiology, symptomatology, diagnosis, and treatment. Prerequisite: SPTH 1320(3)

SPTH 3760. Introduction to Clinic. Introduction to the techniques and materials used in speech and language assessment, treatment, ethics and professionalism and structure of clinical practice. Five hours of observation required. Prerequisites: SPTH 1320 and 2730.  (3, Sp)

SPTH 4131, 4132, 4133. Independent Study. An opportunity for in-depth study, research, or additional clinical practicum in speech-language pathology or audiology.  The topic or area of study will be initiated by the student and approved by the supervising faculty member. Prerequisite: Senior level status and/or permission of instructor. (1, 2, 3)

SPTH 4320. Voice Disorders. Etiology, physiology, and pathology associated with the acoustic symptoms of the disorder; evaluation and current methods in voice pathology management. Prerequisites: SPTH 1320 and 2340(3)

SPTH 4580. Acquired Disorders. This course is an introduction of the underlying neuroanatomy and basic assessment and treatment techniques of neurogenic communication disorders, including aphasia, motor speech disorders, traumatic brain injury, cognitive communication disorders, right hemisphere disorders and dysphagia. Prerequisites: SPTH 2340, SPTH 3920, and SPTH 3010 (3, Sp)

SPTH 4601P-4602P. Clinical Practicum in Speech Pathology. Supervised experience working with persons with speech, language, and/or hearing problems; including screenings, evaluations and therapy.  A minimum of 25 clock hours per semester. Prerequisites: SPTH 1320, 2310, 2340, 2730, 2920, 3760, and 3010.  Students must have earned grade of C or better in SPTH 2920, 3760, and 3010 to enroll. (2-2, Fa-Sp)

SPTH 4601A-4602A. Clinical Practicum in Audiology. Supervised experience in performing hearing screenings, and evaluations. A minimum of 15 clock hours for the first semester and 25 clock hours for the second semester. Prerequisites:  SPTH 2340, 3335, and 3525(1-2, Fa-Sp)

SPTH 4999. Senior Comprehensives(0)