department of Sociology

The primary reasons for majoring in sociology are knowledge (intriguing course content and skill
development) and practice (diverse career options).  Sociology offers breadth and flexibility that
make a young professional prepared for a diverse array of fields.  In addition to graduate study in
sociology, public health, criminal justice, counseling, urban affairs, public administration, education,
law, and social work, our graduates work in the private and public sector in fields such as research,
counseling, community organizing, government, union organizing, teaching, and coaching.

The Department of Sociology provides a program of study leading to the Bachelor of Arts Degree. 
Students are expected to meet the requirements of the Sociology Department and the College
of Arts and Sciences.  The department is simultaneously committed to the Mission Statement of
Xavier and to the discipline.

The goals of the department are:

  1. To prepare majors for graduate and professional study in fields related to sociology such
    as:  social work, counseling, public health, criminal justice, law, public administration, or
    urban planning;
  2. To prepare majors for graduate study in sociology leading to the terminal degree;
  3. To prepare students for employment in business, education, government, media, health, and
    public or social service;
  4. To provide students with a global perspective of society, cultures, and institutions; and
  5. To develop students’ critical and analytical reasoning skills, most especially through the use
    of sociological research methods.

The Department of Sociology offers a B.A. in Sociology, a B.A. in Sociology with a concentration
in Health, Medicine and Society, and a Minor in Sociology.  In addition, eligible students may
participate in an accelerated major in the Sociology of Public Service, which allows students to
enroll in a graduate program in Public Administration while completing their B.A. in Sociology.