Student Government Association Elections

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the approved GPA to run for an office?

To run for a SGA or Class office your term and cum must be a 2.75/2.75, 3.00/2.5 or higher and PSA 2.5/2.5 or higher (Summer grades or not computed).

Do I have to take XU Leads before I can run for an Office?

Yes, either completed Emergent and/or Advance, or in the process of completing more than one third of the assignments, which has to be approved by the Center for Leadership and Service Office.

Can a Transfer student run for Office?

No, to run for a SGA or Class office you must be a Full time student who has completed two semesters preceding the elections.

What do I need to know to prepare for the Constitution Test?

You need to study the SGA Student Body Election Code and the Student Government Constitution, which is online under SGA Elections. Must pass with at least 70%.

Candidate Declarations.

A list of all students completing a Candidate Interest form and meeting all qualifications will be posted by Position Interest.

What is the Budget to run for an Office?

$150.00 for a class and Pharmacy class offices and $200.00 for a SGA and PSA offices. Please read ALL information on donations, under Campaigning Polices article III.

Do I need a campaign manager?

Yes, all candidates MUST register with the Election Board chairperson the name, email address and phone number of his/her campaign manager. NOTE: Additional information can be found online under SGA Elections (Campaign Manager).


Petitions MUST indicate the candidate’s name, ID number, and position being sought. The indicated position cannot be changed after a petition is signed. (50) Fifty signatures are required for class positons (100) One Hundred signatures for SGA positions. All petitions MUST be time stamped in room 208 in the University Center Bldg.

Campaigning Rules?

All campaign material, hard copy and social media posts must be removed/deleted. Candidates are responsible and expected to cooperate in preventing friends, relatives, associates or campaign members from continuing to solicit votes after his period. For additional information: Go to Xavier University Home page ( in the search box type in SGA elections.

At the SGA Election Forum what is the time allotted for the candidate speeches?

Time allotted for class candidates is 3 minutes and 4 minutes for SGA candidates.

Who should I contact for any questions or concerns regarding SGA Elections?

Office of Student Services, Mr. Deon Ridgell or Mrs. Bobbie Gordon (504)-520-7357.

Voting for PSA and Pharmacy Classes.

Voting for PSA Positions are done through Banner Web with the SGA Elections. Voting for Pharmacy Class Positions are voted on during pharmacy class time or a designated time and place set by Pharmacy Student Services Dean Office during the SGA Election period.

Student Government Association Elections