Student Government Association Elections

SGA Election Code

Student Body Election Code of   Xavier University of Louisiana
The following guidelines shall govern the election of all SGA Officers, including Miss Xavier, Class Officers, and Class Queens. Implementation and supervision of all elections, campaigning, and procedures shall be conducted by an Election Board and approved by the Student Congress. ALL offices outlined in this document are open to any full-time. Xavier University undergraduate student, regardless of race, creed, color, sex, handicap, or national origin provided they meet all other requirements maintained herein.

  1. If there are ANY offices in the SGA (including classes, except the freshman class) which are vacant after spring election, the SGA President (which has just been elected) shall make appointments to fill such vacancies.
  2. Only the vacant offices will be re-opened. Any student that meets the qualifications of these guidelines may apply to any vacant position.
  3. The SGA President has 15 school days to fill said vacancies. After 15 days are over, any vacant offices will be placed on the ballot during the following semester. Any student then wishing to fill the vacancy will have to comply to the normal election procedure (i.e. campus wide election).
  4. All appointments must be approved by the Student Congress, subject to a presidential veto.
  5. No candidate may run for more than one office at the same time during the same semester.
  6. No SGA Officer may hold more than one SGA office ( including Justice and Election Board Member) during any semester.

                                             CAMPAIGNING POLICIES

  1. No candidate shall be endorsed in the name of the Student Government Association.
  2. No member of the Election Board or Election Review Board (ERB) shall be a candidate, endorse, promote, or serve as a campaign manager for a candidate.
  3. All candidates are limited to spending no more than one hundred and fifty dollars ($150) for campaign expenditures. This includes all contributions/ donations from any individual and/or organization used as materials for a candidate’s campaign. All candidates must turn in a financial report detailing all expenditures (including donations which must be itemized at market value) no later than 12 noon the day before the elections forum.
  4. Campaigning which interferes with the normal university operations (i.e. distribution of political literature while classes are in session) or any other university sponsored activity is strictly forbidden.
  5. The posting of all campaign literature shall be done in accordance with the university guidelines on general posting.
  6. All campaign materials shall be taken down by 4pm the day preceding the forum.
  7. No campaigning will occur before or after the time period set by the Office of Student Services.
  8. Violations of these guidelines may automatically disqualify a candidate and disciplinary sanctions will be imposed against the guilty parties.
  9. It is not necessary for candidates to get permission from the Election Board to circulate flyers of leaflets. However, said leaflets or flyers should be in good keeping with the principles of the Election Code in that they must not slander or jeopardize the other candidates in the electoral race. Such conduct will automatically disqualify candidates running for office, and he/she and his/her campaign manager will be held responsible for the damages. All leaflets and flyers must be posting approved by the Office of Student Services.

                                             CAMPAIGN MANAGERS

  1. All candidates must register with the Election Board chairperson the name of his/her campaign manager. Campaign managers must submit a written statement of their acceptance of the position of campaign manager for a perspective candidate to the Election Chairperson.
  2. A campaign manager must be in good standing with the University and cleared by the Vice-Present of Student Services.
  3. Campaign managers must receive approval for posting and distribution of all campaign literature by the Office of Student Services.
  4. Campaign managers and candidates are liable for damages to the University property or personal property of students and other candidates.
  5. Slanderous literature, etc. of candidates or individuals or campaign material not in good taste and/or not within University guidelines is strictly forbidden. Campaign managers and candidates are liable for such.
  6. All official business relative to the candidates (except securing a petition) will be transacted between the Election Board and respective campaign managers.
  7. A copy of all campaign literature for candidate must be kept on file and delivered to the Election Board on the day before the election.
  8. No campaign manager shall petition for any office while at the same time serving a campaign manager.
  9. No person shall serve as a campaign manager for more than one person.


  1. The Election Board of the SGA shall be responsible for drafting a constitution test in accordance with in most recent constitution and by-laws.
  2. The constitution test must be approved by the Vice-President of Student Services before it can be administered.
  3. The constitution test must be administrated at least three weeks prior to elections by the Election Board.
  4. All students applying for a SGA Office which is normally elected must pass the constitution test by at least 70%.
  5. The Election Board shall score all constitution tests and post the results no later than one week after administering the test.

Any violation(s) of these guidelines or procedures by candidates or campaign managers, may result in the immediate disqualification of a candidate.


  1. The Election Board shall consist of a chairperson and no more than twelve members all of whom must meet approval of the Student Congress. The Election Chairperson has the power to appoint board members from the various departments of the University.
  2. The Election Board Chairperson has the responsibility of proportioning his/her appointment of board members so that any one class may not have a majority representatives on the board.
  3. Positions for Election Board members are open to students of any class provided they are registered as a full-time student with at least a cumulative gpa of 2.75, a prior semester of at least a 2.75, and have no disciplinary sanctions.


  1. The Student Congress of Xavier University will at its first meeting entertain motions to hear recommendations or vote to accept the president’s appointment of candidate for the position of Election Board Chairperson, his/her purpose being to handle all SGA election and /or ratifications.
  2. An Election Chairperson who meets with approval of the President and Congress will assume his/her position for the entire academic school year for which he/she is appointed.
  3. The appointed Election Chairperson will entertain and consider motions from the Student Congress and student body and introduce his/her own recommendation, all of which he/she will consider for positions as Election Board members.
  4. In order to qualify for the position of Election Chairperson, a candidate must have a cumulative gpa of at least a 2.75, a prior semester gpa of at least 2.75, have no disciplinary sanctions, and must be at least a sophomore at the time of his/her appointment.


  1. Election for all SGA officers, Class officers, and Miss Xavier shall be held no later than the third week of September for the Fall semester and no later than the second week of April for Spring semester.
  2. The schedule for voting shall be set by the Election Board and approved by the Office of Student Services.
  3. Voting shall be by secret ballot.
  4. All election results shall be certified by the Office of Student Services prior to posting. Election results will be posted twenty-four hours after the polls close on the last official date of elections.
  5. Official run-off date will be three school days after the election officially ends. On the day following the Election Board’s reply to the recommendations from the ERB, the Election Board will decree whether a run-off or a new election will take place.


  1. The Election Review Board (ERB) shall hear all appeals regarding discrepancies of these election guidelines.
  2. The ERB has the power to rule on matters of interpretation or violation of this code, and recommend to the Election Board what action is to be taken after an investigation has been concluded.
  3. The ERB shall consist of;
  4. Election Chairman
  5. Editor of the official campus publication, The Xavier Herald
  6. One student (non-candidates) from each class, selected by each Class President
  7. Two University administrators
  8. Two faculty members(administrators and faculty members are to be appointed by the President of the University)
  9. One member of the Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament
  10. The ERB shall have the power to levy fines (ranging from $10.00 to maximum $50.00) on candidates whose violation is of less serious nature.
  11. Infraction of a serious nature: election tampering, vote fraud, continued violation of guidelines after warning, etc. The EBR shall have the power to disqualify the candidate.
  12. All rulings and decisions of the EBR are subject to review by appeal to the Vice-President of Student Services.


  1. Forums for all Class Officers and Class Queens will be held two days before elections begin. Forums for all SGA Officers, Miss Xavier, and Congress person-at-large will be held one day before elections begin.
  2. Maximum time limits are as follows: 3:00 minutes for each candidate running for any class office and 4:00 minutes for each candidate running for any SGA office.
  3. All questions will be reviewed by the Election Board before being asked. Questions will be asked according to relevance and appropriateness by a Board member and must be limited to a 1:00 minute response.


  1. The inaugural ceremonies of all Student Government Association officers shall be held on the last Tuesday before final exams.
  2. No other student activities may be held at this time.


  1. Immediately after the polls close at 4:00pm, the Election Board will begin counting ballots, which will be open to campaign managers, only. All winners will be certified by the Vice- President of Student Services and posted the next business day after 12 noon.
  2. All run-off elections shall be designated and posted. The candidates shall be notified as to the date of the run-off election.
  1. Protest of election results shall be made in writing within twenty-four (24) hours by the campaign managers to the Office of Student Services.

The Election Board asks that you refer to the SGA Constitution, and By-laws for the duties of your specific office. For questions concerning the specifics of the election process, please feel free to contact any member of the Election Board.

  1. Election Code Addendum
  2. Effective 3/04

Vote Tabulation                                                                                                                       Every attempt will be made to administer online voting. If there is a problem/conflict that will interfere with online voting, the Election Board will make every possible attempt to secure state voting machines.
Due to the privacy of student of student records, Student Services will act as the intermediary between ITC and the Election Board to ensure that the process runs smoothly. ITC will e-mail the results of the election to the Associate Vice President of Student Services/Dean of Students or his/her designee. The Associate Vice President of Student Services/Dean of Students or his/her designee will print the information for the Election Board.
Campaigning Policies                                                                                                                             $150 campaign expenditures is allocated for Class Candidates and $200 campaign expenditures is allocated for SGA candidates.
XU LEADS ( Leadership Education and Developmental Skills)                                                    All candidates must attend a predetermined number of Emerging or Advanced Leaders Workshops.

Student Government Association Elections