Campaigning Policies and Procedures
  1. No campaign manager shall petition for any office while at the same time serving a campaign manager
  2. No person shall serve as a campaign manager for more than one person
  3. A campaign manager must be in good standing with the University and cleared by the Vice-Present of Student Services.
  4. Campaign managers must receive approval for posting and distribution of all campaign literature by the Office of Student Services.
  5. Campaign managers and candidates are liable for damages to the University property or personal property of students and other candidates.
  6. Slanderous literature, etc. of candidates or individuals or campaign material not in good taste and/or not within University guidelines is strictly forbidden. Campaign managers and candidates are liable for such.
  7. All official business relative to the candidates (except securing a petition) will be transacted between the Election Board and respective campaign managers.
  8. A copy of all campaign literature for candidate must be kept on file and delivered to the Election Board on the day before the election.