Student Government Association

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Student Body Meetings

Student body meetings keep students informed about university policies, campus events and programs. It is also an opportunity for students to voice their issues and concerns. Attend a student body meeting and hear SGA "Hot Topics"; receive a free lunch and be eligible for door prizes.

Congress Meetings

Congress, the legislative body of SGA, meets bi-monthly to discuss and review matters concerning students and student affairs; allocate SGA funds to eligible student organizations; and approve presidential appointments. Attend a Congress meeting and find out how your Student Activity Fees are spent.

Inter-Organizational Council (IOC)

The Inter-Organizational Council is a council of student organization presidents. During monthly meetings, the IOC discuss campus life; ensure organizations function effectively; and obtain resources for their respective organizations.

Class Meetings

Freshman, sophomore, junior and senior class meetings are held monthly. It is an opportunity for students to voice their issues and concerns to their respective classes.

Student Government Association