Student Academic Success Office

Meet the Staff

Dr. Nathaniel Holmes
Executive Director, Student Academic Success Office.

Dr. Adrian Woods
Director of Academic Programs and Advising

Christy Lagarde-Spears
Associate Director of Academic Programs & Supplemental Instruction

Ms. Raena Coaxum
Professional Academic Advisor

Mr. Kevin McClain
Professional Academic Advisor

Dr. Wendy Gaudin
Director Freshman Seminar

Mrs. Nancy Paes
Administrative Assistant


Chemistry Resource Center Coordinator


Chemistry Resource Center Intructor

Ms. Ebony Blackwell
Biology Resource Center Coordinator

Dr. Frank Ruzicka
Physics Resource Center Coordinator

Math Resource Center Coordinator

Mr. Jose Lozano

Math Resource Center Instructor

Mrs. Leeandra Nolting
Writing Resource Center Coordinator

Ms. Deahn Dennis-Francis
Writing Resource Center Instructor

Ms. Lula Golston-Stewart
Reading Resource Center Instructor


Student Academic Success Office
St. Joseph Student Academic and Health Center
1 Drexel Drive, Suite 307, Box 164
New Orleans LA 70125
(504) 520-5466