First Year FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) for New Freshmen - Fall 2011

When will I know if I have been accepted to Xavier?
After applying to Xavier, you will receive a letter indicating your status.  You will be asked to send a $50.00 fee to hold your place in the University.  If you have not received this information, call the Office of Admission at 504-520-7388.

How do I register for my courses for the Fall?
You don’t have to worry about this.  During May 2011 Lagniappe your department or division advisor reviewed your schedule.  If you were not in attendance or you need to make changes registration for Fall courses will begin during the Fall 2011 Orientation in August. You will then see a copy of your course schedule on Banner Web.

When will I get my course schedule?
You should be able to check your course schedule once created online via Banner Web.  Students accepted to Xavier will be given a Xavier ID and a PIN number that will allow them access to Banner Web.

What if my schedule needs to be changed?
You can change your schedule with a department or division advisor in August during the Fall New Freshman Orientation week.  Schedule changes are usually made in cases where you took summer courses and received credits, tested out of developmental courses, or certain credits by examination (AP, IB, etc.) were not acknowledged or known by the University when the schedules were made.

What if I applied to Xavier and declared a major, but now I changed my mind and would like to declare a different major?
You can change your schedule with the Office of the Registrar in August during the New Freshman Orientation week.

When should I report to campus?

Do I have to participate in the New Freshman Orientation?
YES!!!  A copy of the orientation schedule will be mailed to you this summer.

What is Lagniappe New Freshman Summer Orientation?
Lagniappe New Freshman Summer Orientation is mandatory for regional students (students from Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, and Arkansas), but any student accepted to Xavier may attend.  It will be held in May.  During orientation, students will visit their departments, receive information about placement testing and academic options, and take the Placement Tests.  There is also a schedule for parents on both days to discuss financial aid and University financial matters.  Orientation schedules were mailed to students. For more information, go to .

How do I find out who my academic advisor is?
All Xavier students are assigned an academic advisor during the Fall semester.  These assignments may not be made until two to three weeks into the semester, depending on the size of your academic department.  Should you need academic advising before your advisor is assigned to you, any faculty academic advisor in your department/division can help.

What are placement tests?
The University gives placement tests in Mathematics, Reading, and Languages.  You will be notified if you are required to take the Mathematics and/or Reading placement tests.  Requirements are based on standardized test scores and/or high school grade point averages.  Students who successfully pass the Mathematics and Reading placement tests will not have to take and pass the developmental courses in these areas.  The Languages placement test is given in either Spanish or French and will be used to determine what language level you should begin your college language courses. You qualify for the Languages placement if studied 3 or more years of a language.

How do I know if I have to take placement tests?
The Office of Admissions will send a letter to you telling you what tests you need to take and when you have to take them.  Students who participate in the Lagniappe New Freshman Summer Orientation will take the tests and immediately receive scores and placement.  Others will take them during the Fall Orientation Week.

Is it true that I may be able to receive degree credit for a beginning foreign language course if I score high enough on the Language Placement Test and earn a “C” or better in an upper language course?
YES!  Students who score high enough on the Language Placement Test in Spanish or French will be allowed to take a higher-level course.  Upon completing that course with a “C” or better, you will receive credit for the course AND academic credit for a lower level course.  Because the core curriculum requires students in most disciplines to take two courses (6 degree credit hours total) of a language, you can fulfill your core language requirements by taking one course!

I received some financial aid, but not enough in my opinion.  How can I receive more aid?
The answer to this question and many others concerning Financial Aid and Student Accounts can be found at .

*Much of this information can be found in the NEW STUDENT INFORMATION booklet available from the Office of Admissions

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