Deciding majors
  • Fall 2014 Deciding Majors Meetings- September 2nd-12:15pm and November 4th at 12:15pm in St. Joe's Room 111

There are two categories that Deciding majors are placed: (1) those able to take any courses available before selecting a major and (2) those who have been restricted to core curriculum due to GPA, prerequisite requirements or at the department’s request. Students who are declared Deciding Non- Science majors by the Academic Standing Committee MUST select a major other than a natural science.  Both Deciding and Deciding Non-Science majors are advised in selecting an appropriate major leading toward the bachelor’s degree.  

Students are allowed to remain a Deciding major for two semesters.  An additional semester is allowed for students who have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 and realistically need one more semester to meet the required GPA to be admitted to another department and declare a major.  Permission to remain in the Deciding Majors department after two semesters may be granted by SASO.  After the maximum of three (3) semesters, students who have not been admitted or have chosen an academic department ordinarily will be dismissed from the University.

Deciding majors are given several opportunities throughout the semester to meet with faculty and staff from around the campus.  The meetings that we schedule once per month in the Pharmacy Building Room 115 may include a a presentation by Career Services, Intercultural and International Programs or one or more department chair on the value of a major in their areas.  We review policies and procedures and keep the Deciding Majors focused on a curriculum that will help to make a wise and informed decision.

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