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Freshman Studies
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FRSM 1100
FYE (First Year Experience)
Deciding Majors [link below]
Supplemental Instruction
EMT Retain Monitor
Student Success Academy

Academic achievement is a serious matter at Xavier University of Louisiana. The faculty and staff who encompass the Student Success Academy will support and monitor your academic progress. Through the Academy’s resources, you will have the opportunity to gain more clarity and confidence about your academic future at Xavier .

In our efforts to engage a system of monitoring and mentoring for the academic progress of new freshman students, we have instituted the Student Success Academy which “BOOSTs” student engagement. We also assist our continuing students in their efforts to “BLASTs” their progress on toward graduation. We do this through a partnership with them to help employ and maintain the tools for successful academic outcomes.

The mission of Alpha Lambda Delta First Year Honor Society is to encourage and reward superior academic achievement, to promote intelligent living and a high standard of learning and to assist First Year students in recognizing and developing meaningful goals in society. Advised through SASO, first year students are eligible for induction after earning a 3.5 GPA on a full academic schedule of college level courses after their first or second semester.


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