Student Academic Success Office

Academic Advising

The Student Academic Success Office (SASO) provides academic advising and support to Deciding Majors, students on Academic Strict Probation, and first year students who require academic intervention. SASO advisors develop Academic Success Plans with these students, which are tailored to meet their individual needs and educational goals to ensure they have the tools and resources to be successful at Xavier University

The advisors also conduct Keys to Success Workshops and monitor student's academic performance and progress via the early warning system.


Academic Strict Probation

Dr. Adrian Woods
Director, Academic Programs and Advising

Deciding Majors 

Mrs. Christy Lagarde-Spears
Associate Director, Academic Programs and Advising

First Year Academic Advisors

Ms. Raena Coaxum
Academic Advisor
(Division of Biological and Public Health Sciences, Division of Education and Counseling, Division of Fine Arts and Humanities)

Mr. Jovan Thomas
Academic Advisor
(Division of Business, Division of Mathematical and Physical Sciences, Division of Social and Behavioral Sciences)