Silver Threads: 25 Years of Fiction from Xavier Review
Silver Threads

Edited by Thomas Bonner, Jr., Robert Skinner, and Richard Collins


ISBN 978-1-883275-20-2

A collection of 15 stories chosen from the first 25 years of Xavier Review, the creative writing journal of Xavier University of Louisiana.


Jim Addison: “The Marsh Girl”

Alvin Aubert: “The Attic”

Robin Beeman: “Sparklers”

Lucille Bellucci: “A Good Job”

Fred Chappell: “Enough”

Andrei Codrescu: from Cassanova in Prague
Mary Queen Donnelly: The Boy”

Zdravka Evtimova: “The Old House”

Roger Jones: “The Discount Christ”

David Madden: “Retracing My Steps”

Robert Morgan: “The Schoolhouse”

Marc Schiffman: “Bank Robbers”

Fatima Shaik: “New Orleans”

Dabney Stuart: “Bobby Cross”

Dana Wilde: “Measures of Age”