XR v33n1


Volume 33, Issue 1
Spring 2013

Oliver Hennessey / A Matter of Character: Shakespeare, “Vernacular Criticism,” and People Like Us
Biljana Obradovic /To All Those Who Want Happy Poems / The Darn Winepress /  The Festival of Politeness / Fragmented Images of Maxine and Joe / Saluting the Great Gregory Peck
Jay Todd / Goodbye, Mr. Wonderful
Mark Whitaker / Poems of Sarah MacGowan
Thomas Bonner Jr. / Cleanth Brooks Reading Hyatt Waggoner Reading Lilliam Faulkner: Notes from the Margins
David Lanoue / The Boot
Bonnie Noonan / Science Fiction, Race, the Fifties, and Beyond
Hannah Baker Saltmarsh / Double Shotgun / Fantasy Coffin / Temporary Shelter
Violet Harrington Bryan / ‘Tomorrow’s Spaces’ in the Poetry of Jamaican Writer Velma Pollard
Katheryn Krotzer Laborde / Three Inspired by Dali
Ronald Dorris / Cane: Jean Toomer’s Transcendent Model
Anya Groner / from The Hobo Bride
Cocoa-Michelle Williams / Bayou St. John
Robin Runia Sympathetic Suffering in Eighteenth-Century Prostitution Narratives
Jeremy Tuman / When I First Met Grant
Robert Skinner / Physical Education
Thaddeo Babiha / “The Sky is Gray” and “Sonny’s Blues in My Freshman English Class
Donna Marie Gould / Katharine Drexel’s Philosophy of Education: “Namaste”
Nicole Pepinster Greene / Meeting Mother Katharine along the Composition Road
Jonathan Moody / Messy Barbershop
Kristina Robinson / Genealogy / Mon Amour
Aja La'Starr / Beyond His Eyes
Ralph Adamo / Ballets of Avoidance at Suppertime

Cover photo by Robin Vander