V 32 1&2


Volume 32 Issue 1 & 2
Fall 2012




Fatima Shaik / Life is for the Living

Genaro Ky Ly Smith / from: The Shape of Things

Mark Spitzer / Lake Conway Monster Myth The Evolution Of

Robbi Pounds / from: Rubble Fever

Michael Presti / Fragments Recovered from An Interlinear to the Recent Troubles

Tim Keppel / Neighbors

Corinna McClanahan Schroeder / Storm Watching in the First Year of Marriage

Larry ‘Ace’ Boggess / “What Right Have I To Be Happy?”

Matthew Henricksen / Unknowability /A Place Called God / A Place God Called and Hung Up / Apostrophe with Metaphor-Cudgel Wherein
 an Apologists’ Imagined Audience Exits

Megan Burns / River Grass / Spill

David Madden /  Found Written On Pages 110-111 Of The Poems Of Wilfred Owen / Having Listened To Hopkins’ “Spring And Fall

John McKernan / Miles In My Rolls

Clara Juncker / Unnatural Lives: Toni Morrison’s Historical Universe

Gabriel Magaña Merlo / translated by Suzanne Jill Levine from: Nothingness in the Rough (La Nada en Bruto)

Ronald Dorris / A Review of A More Noble Cause: A.P. Tureaud and the Struggle for Civil Rights in Louisiana, by Rachel L. Emanuel and Alexander P. Tureaud, Jr.

Rebecca Gould / Sergei Esenin’s Impressions from the Caucasus

Sergie Esenin / translated by Rebecca Gould from Persian Impressions / Letter to My Mother

Donald Wellman / Emilio Prados and his Enclosed Garden

Emilio Prados / translated by Donald Wellman from: Enclosed Garden (Jardín cerrado)

Naton Leslie / In Public

Peter Thompson / Duomo, Milan Nocturne

Thomas Bonner, Jr. / A Review of Po-Boy Contraband: From Diagnosis Back to Life,
by Patrice Melnick.