V21 N2

Volume 31 Issue 2




Situation Comedy / John Duncan Talbird

“A Vagrant among Flower Beds”: The Deeper South in the Poetry of Maxine Cassin / John Gery
Tyrone Power Coda: A Man Made for Wonder / Henry Hoffman
Robby Remembered / William Sabatier

A Crown of Flowers: Ars Poetica / Manfred Pollard
Poems / Maxine Cassin
Powell Scorpion / Lisa Mednick
Essays on a North Carolina Farm, 1920 /  William Wright
Poems from The Shy Mirror ; Other poems / Gordon Robert Sabatier




V31 n1



Volume 31 Issue 1




Nancy Lrmsnn - Escape Velocity

John Yargo - The Darré Stock: Or, Several Theoretical Improvements to the Game of Baseball

Tom Andes - The Hit

Jim Meirose - Saint Lazarus


Non- Fiction

Joseph Santa Cruz - Assorted Nuts



Christian Nagle - Landing Card

George Looney - Months of Close Work with Ice

Mark Smith - Castle Garden, the Algarve

Claudia Khoury - Wishes

Kathleen N. McCann - Troubles

James Miller Robinson - Wandering Jew

Cai Qijiao - Perhaps; Hurricane; Watching the Ocean
trans. by Edward Morin, Dennis Ding, Fandg Dai

Mark Taksa - Any Moment Can Give Occurence

Jim Daniels - Wishbone

Russell Rowland - Discussing Temptation

Fred Yannantuono - Pretty Much It



Ronald Dorris - Yarilo's Dance by Sim Shattuck

Fatima Shaik - A Free Man of Color,
director George C. Wolfe Jr.


Contributors' Notes


Cover Photo
Eliza Grace Clein