Volume 30 Issue 2
Fall 2010


Special Dubus Edition


General Introduction
Introductory Remarks & Acknowledgments
Those Amazing Dubuses

Andre Dubus’s Christina Aestheticism of Disability /Andrea Ivanov-Craig
Cross-Country Runner: Andre Dubus as the Expatriate Southerner / Ross Gresham
“Whatsoever a man soweth…” and So Forth: Horticultural Figuration in Andre Dubus III’s The Garden of Last Days / Edward Gleason
A Dangerous Harbor: Andre Dubus, Walker Percy, and Marriage /Elizabeth Grubgeld
Two Goods: Individualism and Solidarity in the Fiction of Andre Dubus  / Neal Dolan
Fire Imagery in in Andre Dubus III’s The Garden of Last Days  / Kayci Hunter

“Why All This Fuss Over My Brother Andre?” / Kathryn Dubus
 Racism, Original Sin, and Andre Dubus’s “Sorrowful Mysteries” / Bryan Giemza
The Problem of the Author: on not Reading Autobiography into the Writing of Andre Dubus / Joshua Bodwell
The Stakes are Absolute: Three Questions on Andre Dubus with Todd Field (June 11-15, 2009) / Joshua Bodwell
Dubus Tradurre per un Pubblico Italiano translated by Katherine M. Bentz / Nicola Manuppelli

Pre-publication excerpt from Andre Dubus III’s new memoir Townie




Volume 30 Issue 1
Spring 2010




Afro-Formalist Poets: “Owning the Masters” /  Charles Fort
Tradition Creating and Jumping: T’ang Pems, Bops, Kwansabas, and Gigans / Tara Betts
Who is the Master? / Erica Dawson

What Are You? / Reginald Harris
An Apology on My Name  / Charles Lynch
South / Don Conner
Allah’s Garden / Don Russ
The Afghan Girl Who Sings / Reginald Lewis
Night Tunnel / Robert Parham
Asians to Vegas / Karen Gale
Wild Life / Gaylord Brewer
Season of the Crane / Andrea S. Gereighty
The Twilight Fishermen / Karen Maceira
Bottle Afloat  / Diane Webster
Manufacturer’s Defect / Russell Rowland
Hopi Design / Cory McClellan
my sunday morning / Bonny MacDonald
Scene / Dan Carpenter
Not Understanding / Hugh Fox
The Waiting Man / John Grey
A Time for Departing / Frederick Zydek

Atonement Circle / James Bryan Cornelius