V29 N2

Volume 29 Issue 2
Fall 2009



Brooding / Naton Leslie
Nine Pounds Heavy / Laura White Schuett
No Longer an Outsider: The Biblical Underpinnings of James Baldwin’s Call for Human Equality / Francine Allen

Dogs / Tim Fitts

Interview with Andrew Hudgins by Tony Leuzzi

My Disappearance / Sankar Roy
Harvesting Wolves / James Doyle
So as no fuller on earth can white them / Don Thompson
Marsh / Doug Ramspeck
What the Waves Want / Arthur Gottlieb
San Antonio / Mark Smith
On a Wild South Wind / Carol Hamilton
Age is an Indian Summer / Howard Winn
Elegy for My Father / Beth Cooley
Beginning again, again / L.L. Harper
The Last Week of School / Sharon Doyle
Morning Drive / Anthony Berard
13 January 1979; A Pantoum for Mr. Hathaway / Rost Olsen
Fables of Faubus / Kevin Rabas

Janet Allured and Judith F. Gentry, eds. Louisiana Women: Their Lives and Times / Ann Wakefield
Marleen S. Barr ed. Afro-Future Females: Black Writers Chart Science Fiction’s Newest New-Wave Trajectory / Bonnie Noonan
Daniel McVeigh and Patricia Schnapp, eds. The Best American Catholic Short Stories / Donna Gould, SBS
Rainulf A. Stelzmann. Thinking of Germany at Night: A personal View of the Years 1927 to 1956 / Thomas Bonner, Jr.




Volume 29 Issue 1
Fall 2009



Identity Anxiety and the Power and Problem of Naming in African American and Jewish American Literature / Rachael Peckham

Seeing / Marc Schiffman
Security / Robert Watts Lamon

The Orbs / Anthony Berard
Forest Monastery / Michael Morical
Inside Cinder Block / James Daniels
Where Do We Come From, What Are We, Where Are We Going?/ Chris Waters
Finally; Still Alive / Hugh Fox
The Portable Tranquility / Mark Taksa
Insomnia / Arthur Gottlieb
Introspection: these eyes (deciphering the notes of my soul) / Hall, Michael
Ladainha (Litany) translated by Alexis Levitin / Salgado Maranhao
At the Dawn / Waseem Anwar
At the Convention of Disabled Veterans / Kathryn Jacobs
Another Vietnam Veteran / Sheryl L. Nelms
John the Baptist Walking, after Rodin / Oerke, Andrew H.
Heredity / Kristina Robinson
Nobodies Kid / Aariono-Jovan Labu
Just a Guy / Russell Rowland
Talking to a Stranger / Sr. Lou Ella Hickman
At Lola’s / Jean-Marc Sens
Cane / Michelle Brule