V 26 N 1 and 2

Volume 26 Issues 1 and 2


Spring / Fall 2006


Volume 26 Issues 1 and 2


Spring / Fall 2006






Black-on- White Goods: The Spirit of New Orleans

by Katheryn Krotzer Laborde (essay & cover photos)


The Write Way tubs iten: My Workshop Experience

with Ernest Gaines / Wiley Cash


West Meets East

(A Talk with a Buddhist Monk) / Dana Wilde


The Poetry and Prose of Ninoy Aquino,


Philippine Patriot and Martyr / Jose Bautista


Three Essays on Mysticism, Poetics and Queer Theory

by Desmond Kon Zhicheng-Mingde


Cover Letter / N. Marin




Diamond / Jill Wright


Sugar Hill / Ronald Frame


Little Lost Souls / Dexter J.V. Campbell


Bon Mot for New Orleans / Brian Withers


The Discount Christ / Roger Jones


So-What / Cornelia Wells


Broken / Laura V. Cario


Waterloo / Aaron Hellem




Six Meditations from The Caveat Onus, Book Two / Dave Brinks


Decadence / Anthony Butts


Welcome to Baltimore, Hon / Angela O'Donnell


Four Poems / Jeanne Emmons


A poem to mark the day we didn't drive across Texas at night because we were afraid / Tiphanie Yanique


Three poems / Georgia Tiffany


Skipping Town / Mari Stanley


Hope Chest / Susannah W. Simpson


Wages / Jeffrey Alfier


The Guy on the Road Crew Cutting Down Kiawe Tells Me


Why He Hates Them / Karla Clark


Premonition / Biman Roy


Sand Paintings / Catharine Savage Brosman


Amen / Sharon Doyle


Worm Moon / William Hathaway


Thurgood Marshall Proposed as Episcopal Saint / Dick Bentley


Nkisi Nkondi, Power Figure from Republic of Congo , Affirms

His Strength and Plots His Escape with the Help of


Unassuming Museum-goer / Maureen Flannery


Do Better / Carol Hamilton


Three Poems on the Theme of Falling / John J. Trause


Two poems / Laura Hope-Gill


MENSA Bob Fails Geometry Class

at the Community College Again / Ryan G. Van Cleave


Imperial Twilight / Doug Ramspeck


Spindrift and Sand / Brett Garcia Myhren


Someone Else in Cairo / Eileen Berry


Three poems / Alice Pero


Onlookers / Donald Illich


Three poems / Desmond Kon Zhicheng-Mingde

Penguins / James Doyle


Less Than Nothing / Ariono-jovan Labu


The Physics of Poetry / Patrick Hicks




Violet Harrington Bryan on John Lowe's

Bridging the Southern Cultures: An Interdisciplinary Approach


Sister Donna Marie Gould on Ava Leavell Haymon's poems in The Strict Economy of Fire


Katheryn Krotzer Laborde on William Jablonsky's stories in The Indestructible Man


Richard Collins on Davidson Garrett's poems in King Lear of the Taxi


Richard Collins on Dave Brinks' meditations in The Caveat Onus


Richard Collins on Georgia Tiffany's poems in Cut from the Score