Volume 25 Issue 2

Fall 2005


Volume 25 Issue 2

Fall 2005






Dave Brinks' Meditations on New Orleans from the Caveat Onus


Joanna Lowery's “ Florida ”


Poems by: Georgia Tiffany & Ron McFarland,

James Doyle and Sharon Doyle,

Gaylord Brewer and Davidson Garrett,

Rane Arroyo and Glenn Sheldon,

Tom C. Hunley and Philip Dacey


Mary Akers' “White Women of the Caicos”.


Max Despain and Thomas Bonner Jr. on Kate Chopin's Winged Imagery


James Shade on Black Hollywood


V 25 N 1 Spring 2005

Volume 25 Issue 1
Spring 2005

Volume 25 Issue 1
Spring 2005


Three Poems from Male Hysteria by Anthony Butts

Voluntary (story) by Marshall Howell


Two poems by Glenn Sheldon


Summer Solstice (story) by Charles Edward Brooks


Three poems by L.S. Klatt


Love in a Time of Communication (story) by Anis Shivani


The Orpheus of Saint Medard (poem) by Michael Cadnum


Two poems by Mark Taksa


In Bali (poem) by Ann McGovern


On Call (story) by Kim Chinquee


Grass Allergy (poem) by Liza Sisk


Absences (poem) by Chris Waters


This Moral Core: J.R.R. Tolkien's Books and Peter Jackson's

Films (essay) by Dana Wilde