Volume 24, Number2 Fall 2004

Volume 24 Issue 2
Fall 2004

Volume 24 Issue 2
Fall 2004



In Memoriam: William McKinley (essay) by Naton Leslie

Center Furnace-Hematite (circa 1850) (poem) by Keith Cartwright


Wrought Iron Figure (poem) by Keith Cartwright


The Enigma of Arrival (poem) by Anis Shivani


Vegetables, Muddy, Local (poem) by Anis Shivani


Planting (poem) by Robert Parham


Nomads (poem) by Indigo Moor


Tongue (poem) by R. G. Cantalupo


Strangers (fiction) by Blake Sanz


Momentos (poem) by Jim Daniels


Secret Aureolas (poem) by Dave Brinks


Perfect Memory (poem) by Dave Brinks


Ancient Enemies, New Lovers (poem) by Judith Cody


Bomb Threat at Allen Kirkwood Elementary, Toppenish , WA (poem) by Dan Morris


Undressing Fear (essay) by Daniel John


Sestina Found in The Hollywood Reporter (poem) by Christine DeSimone


Here, at the Barnes and Borders (poem) by Allison Whittenberg


Poetry Slam (poem) by Emily Scudder


Colette (fiction) by Laura V. Cario


Walking Worm (poem) by Kelley White


Missionary's Pay: What Isloe Was Left With in the End (poem) by Holly Pettit


The Missionary's Lecture Tour in the States (poem) by Holly Pettit


Rose Window (poem) by Sharon Doyle


The Naked Truth (fiction) by Vivian Lawry


The Deer Park (poem) by James Doyle


Somewhere Along the Buffalo River (essay) by Nick Barton


Wright Turns the Bible Left: Rewriting the Christian Parable in Uncle

Tom's Children (essay) by Brian D. Reed




Ronald Dorris on Alvin Aubert's The Way I Do


James Denestan on John Edgar Wideman's The Island Martinique


Contributors' Notes


Volume 24, Number1 Fall 2004

Volume 24 Issue 1
Spring 2004

Volume 24 Issue 1
Spring 2004


Bank Robbers (story) by Marc Schiffman

Caribs at the Coast of Pearls (poem) by Thomas Reiter


The Great Swamp Massacre, or The Hospitality of the Narragansett (poem) by Chris Waters


Song for a Sinner (poem) by Ariono-Jovan Labu


Bachelors' Quarters (poem) by Susan V. Carlos


Homage to Virgil (poem) by Fred Yannantuono


Spinning Suns, Golden Rosaries, and Other Transformations

(story) by Katheryn Krotzer Laborde


Divinations: After the Hysterectomy (poem) by Maryanne


Mary Was Her Name (poem) by Sharon Doyle


When the Horse Dies Get Off (poem) by Lorna Mpho Mabunda


Spoon (poem) by Jean-Marc Sens


Owner's Automate (poem) by Susan Lewis


Captivated (story) by Angus Woodward


Runway (poem) by Robert W. Cosgriff


Silver Street Inn (poem) by John Freeman


Come Again (poem) by Frederick Davis


Eisenhower Interstate Highway System (poem) by Michael H. Brownstein


Rene `89 (poem) by Robyn J. Peebles


So You've Lost Your Perspective (poem) by Andrea Quaid


Houston (poem) by Fred Yannantuono




Contributors' Notes