V 23 N 2 Fall 2003

Volume 23 Issue 2
Fall 2003

Volume 23 Issue 2
Fall 2003


Luna Plena (story) by Kristina L. Diaz

Fado (story) by Lee Meitzen Grue


The Goldberg Variations (story) by Christine Lucia


O Brother, Where Art Thou? A Musical Appreciation (essay) by Daniel Goldmark


The Monument (poem) by Anthony Butts


Walter Inglis Anderson (1903-1965) (poems) by Don Russ


Jean Toomer (1894-1967) (poem) by Hans Ostrom


St. Michael, Patron Saint of Grocers (poem) by Heather A. Slomski


St. Mikhail (poem) by Heather A. Slomski


Medieval Picnic (poem) by James Doyle


While the Lights at Los Alamos Twinkled (poem) MacNair Randall

"Like" in Frisco's Inner City (poem) by Daniel Gallik

Hmmm (poem) by Bill Lyons


Data Viewing Device (poem) by Nate Pritts


Malfunctions (poem) by Jim Douglas


Day of the Dead Every Other Day (poem) by John Grey


Melanoma (poem) by Russell Rowland


Pachydermata (poem) by Don Russ


David G Lanoue reviews Lenard Moore's gathering at the crossroads

V 23 N 1 Spring 2003

Volume 23 Issue 1
Spring 2003


Volume 23 Issue 1
Spring 2003



Editor's Note

Let There Be Light (story) by Efrem Sigel


The True Ecclesia IV (poem) by Keith Cartwright


Hurricane Parties (essay) by Clayton Delery


Accessibility (poem) by Kristin Berkey-Abbott


Aboji (poem) by Sara Verstynen


Sister (poem) by Sara Verstynen


Train Tracks (story) by Dale Hrebik


Border Crossing (poem) by Ray Fleming


Catholic Palimpsest: The Louisiana Stories of Andre Dubus (essay) by Marcia Gaudet


August Sundays (poem) by Beth Cooley


Correspondence (poem) by Beth Cooley


Hair (story) by Elizabeth Keller Whitehurst


Old Age as Wolf (poem) by Alana Merritt Mahaffey


Fool's Art (poem) by Angela O'Donnell


The Thomas Grant (story) by Catherine Savage Brosman


Intro (poem) by Sean Thomas Dougherty


Say Jazz (poem) by Tony Quagliano


French Open (poem) by Chris Waters


Homestead Act (poem) by Chris Waters


Idleness and Motion (essay) by Naton Leslie


Violet Harrington Bryan on Anjail Rashida Ahmad's Necessary Kindling


Kevin Rabalais on C. A. Cannon's Soul Resin