V 22 N 2 2002

Volume 22 Issue2
Fall 2002

Volume 22 Issue2
Fall 2002


Editor's Note

Nine Variations for the Organ (poem) by Nichita Danilov


A Good Time in the Monastery (poem) by James Doyle


Pyrrhus Triumphant (poem) by Plamen Arnaudov

Measures of Age (story) by Dana Wilde


Tu Fu the Poet/Philosopher as Pablo Neruda Writing About Tu Fu (poem) by Ryan G. Van Cleave


Milk (poem) by Rodrigo Rojas


San Bernardino Nourished by the Virgin (poem) by Michael Cadnum


The Cafecito Club (poem) by Margarita Engle


Tourist Attraction (poem) by Amy Spade


Turning Thirty (poem) by Clare Potter


Famous Poet (poem) by Tom C. Hunley


An Interview with Emmanuel Dongala by Norbert Schurer


Berry Gordy's The Last Dragon (poem) by Jonathan Moody


Two Poems by Reginald Harris


Text Version: Linton Kwesi Johnson's Dub Poetry in Print (essay)

by Hugh Hodges


Work Camp (poem) by Carlotta Lady Izumi Abrams


Barnyard (story) by Jon Boilard


Randy M. Brooks on David Lanoue's Haiku Guy


Sabine Cadeau on Edwidge Danticat's After the Dance: A Walk Through Carnival in Jacmel , Haiti

Contributors' Notes

V 22 N 1 Fall 2002

Volume 22 Issue1
Fall 2002

Volume 22 Issue1
Spring 2002

"Re/fusing to Learn" (story) by Veronica Gaylie

"The King Was in the Garden: Derek Walcott in the Classroom" by Richard Collins

"Only the Ghosts of Monkeys" (poem) by Jim Dewitt

"Poem" (poem) by Arthur Haswell

"Prayer Wheel" (story) by Naton Leslie

"The Monks" (poem) by Jackson Wilde

"The Gardener" (poem) by Tony Bland

"Blessed Quiteria" (story) by Charles Edward Brooks

"In the Autumn of the Goddess" (poem) by Davidson Garret

"A Perfect Band of Sunlight" (prose poem) by Ryan G. Van Cleave

"The Princess Who `Ran Away"' (prose poem) by Mary Winters

"Amnesia" (poem) by Richard Spilman

"Home Geometries" (poem) by Angela O'Donnell

"Ascension Parish" (poem) by Malaika Favorite

"Racial Identity in Paul Marchand, F.M.C.: The Law and Identity" (essay) by Christopher D. Genre

"He Sees, He Saw, and Other Irregularities" (story) by Roger L. Collins

"To a Thief" (story) by William Jablonsky

Angus Woodward on John Stigall's Subjects for Other Conversations

Nicole Pepinster Greene on Gordon Osing's The Jazzer and the Loitering Lady: Journeys in Ireland

Jamila D. Smith on James R. Whitley's Immersion

Contributors' Notes