V 21 N 2 2001

Volume 21 Issue 2
Fall 2001

Volume 21 Issue 2
Fall 2001


Five Poems by Alvin Aubert


An Interview with Alvin Aubert by Ronald Dorris


Saving Grace (poem) by Angela A. Williams


Inventing America (poem) by Christopher Cessac

Black 'n' White Snapshots (essay) by Judy Belk


The Blues Aesthetic Within and the Blues Aesthetic Left out: Rachel

Isadora's Ben's Trumpet vs. Ama Bontemps' Lonesome Boy (essay) by Nancy D. Tolson


Love and Fear (poem) by Jackson Wilde


In French (essay) by Mimi Seydel


From Out of the Book (poems) by Meredith Trede


What Really Happened in the Sixties (story) by Katherine Taylor


Wedding Rehearsal (poem) by Russell Rowland


Peak Experiences (poem) by Julie Lechevsky


Advice for a Split Personality (poem) by Alfred Gottlieb


A Poem by Gottfried Benn (poem) by David Huerta, translated by Lee Meitzen Grue


A Modem Mystic (review) by Dana Wilde


Ignatius Unbound (review) by C. W. Cannon


Contributors' Notes

V21 N 1 2001

Volume 21 Issue 1
Spring 2001

Volume 21 Issue 1
Spring 2001




The Boo Hag (story) by Ann H. Sweetman


Life Lessons: Mamie Garvin Fields's Carolina Memoir (essay) by Clara Juncker


Cotton, Native Tourists (poems) by Malaika Favorite


The Two Loves of Josephine (poem) by James R. Whitley


Opposite the God-Free Zone (poem) by Russell Rowland


Nuns in the Zone (poem) by Angela O'Donnell


My Colleague Professor Johnson and the Great American Novel

(essay) by W. P. Osborn


My Brother's Keeper, Tragedies at the Local Zoo, In the House of

Botched­up Dreams (poems) by Srdjan Smajic


In the Biography of Broken Things, When the Snow Arrived (poems) by Sean Thomas Dougherty


When Lilacs Last (story) by Naton Leslie


Postcards from Montreal (poem) by Glenn Sheldon


It Was Sunday and I Had Nothing (poem) by James Doyle


Balboas (poem) by Gordon Osing


The Mulatto in The Grandissimes: Category Crisis and Crisis of

Category (essay) by Thomas H. Fick and Eva Gold


One Helluva Holey Encyclopedia (review) by Richard Kostelanetz


Reply to Richard Kostelanetz by William L. Andrews, Frances Smith Foster and Trudier Harris


Brian Hanley on Ross Labrie's The Catholic Imagination in American Literature


Terrance Hayes on Yusef Komunyakaa's Talking Dirty With the Gods


John Verlenden on Dinty W. Moore 's Toothpick Men


Contributors' Notes