V 20 N 2 2000

Volume 20 Issue 2
Fall 2000

Volume 20 Issue 2
Fall 2000




Editor's Note


from Casanova in Prague (a novel in progress) by Andrei Codrescu


An Interview with Andrei Codrescu by Richard Collins


Translating Codrescu into Romanian (essay) by loana Avadani


Andreiology (essay) by Julian Semilian


Codrescu Verses America : A Postmodern Poet Turned Loose (essay)

by Tim Lehnert


A Change of Plumage (fiction) by Jacob M. Appel


traces: Performing Race and Gender in the Streets of New Orleans, Mardi Gras, 1998, or A S(Other)n Self-Portrait (essay) by Allison M. Levy


Peanut (poem) by Opal Palmer Adisa


Troubling Accents; Waking; Yes, I Was a Debutante (poems)

by R. Flowers Rivera


Do You Remember?; Manifestations of Love; Holy Night; The Place of Insanity; Pathways; No Idea (poems) by Ma'zun; translated and introduced by Dana Wilde and Manouchehr Shiva


The Crowded Chapel (poem) by Leo Luke Marcello


Cross Bearer (poem) by Martha Malinara


Alias (fiction) by Enid Harlow


Piston: After Georgia O'Keefe's Cow's Skull: Red. White, and Blue (poem) by Ryan G. Van Cleave


Aunt Lucy's Soul Transmigrates Into a Cow; Cat Watching the Cock Festival at the Asakusa Ricefields (poems) by Denise Rogers


Iron Palimpsest (poem) by Jake Adam York


1954 (fiction) by Richard Lee Zuras


The Rain; The Giraffes and Buses Derby; The Raccons in Johnson Park

(poems) by Eduardo Chirinos; translated by G. J. Racz


Ballad of a Conservative, Religious Society (poem) by Emily Allen


Quirky, Quipping, Glib and Grisly (book review) by Dana Wilde


Book Notes


Contributors' Notes

V 20 N 1 2000

Volume 20 Issue 1
Spring 2000

Volume 20 Issue 1
Spring 2000


The Xavier Writers Special Issue

"Writing at Xavier - 2000" (Essay) by Randolph Bates


"second line," "Satsuma," "Smell" (Poems) by Toi Derricotte


Interview with Toi Derricotte by Patrice Melnick


"Counter-transference" (Story) by Mark Whitaker


"Faith," "For Paul Robeson," "Ode to Stone" (Poems) by Terrance Hayes


"The Boa Constrictor" (Essay) by Patrice Melnick


" Oregon Boogie," "Born Under Punches" (Poems) by Major Jackson


from "Domingo, el abuelo astral" (Novel in progress) by Milton Martinez


"A Summer Day in New Orleans ," "Racoon in the Garbage" (Poems) by Biljana Obradovic from "Cold in the Light,"


"Thunderkiss," "Days of Rain" (Novels-in-progress) by Charles Gramlich


"A Stone in a Stream" (Fiction) by Michele Levy


from "Haiku Guy" (Novel in Progress) by David Lanoue


"Caricatures Abroad: A Dialogical Memoir" (Essay) by Richard Collins


"Lagnaippe" (Story) by Ronald Dorris


"Waiting for Mr. Russell" (Story) by Robert E. Skinner


"A Restaurant Story" by Thomas Bonner, Jr


Review of Survivor's Medicine by Bruce Danner




Contributors' Notes