V 19 N 2 1999

Volume 19 Issue 2
Fall 1999

Volume 19 Issue 2
Fall 1999




Counterfeiting and a Two Bit Error in Zora Neale Hurston's "The Gilded Six Bits" (Essay) by Norman German


On the Edge of a Clearing (Poem) by Tom Saya


"Our Lives are our line and we go on": Concentric Circles of History in Lucille Clifton's Generations (Essay) by Hilary Holladay


An Explanation (Poem) by Susan Anderson


Miriam Talks Back (Poem) by Bonnie Lyons


Little Zion (Poem) by Kim Roberts


Stelazine and the Mudpies (Fiction) by Jim Meirose


Framed Up (Poem) by Gordon Osing


Voodoo Angel Theme Songs (Poem) by K. Bell and Michelle Pichon


Delta Pyramid:The Levee as Cultural Construct (Essay) by Ronald Dorris


The Burn Victims (Poem) by Jerry McGuire


Some Chalky Evening (Poem) by William Page


Apocalyptic Metaphor and Religious Vision in Robert Lowell's Early Poetry (Essay) by Eric Potter


The Boucherie (Poem) by Vida Henderson


Paper Americana (Fiction) by Louis Gallo


Reflections on "Pilgrimage" (Commencement Address) by C. Howard Nichols


Map and Marrow in Recent Southern Poetry (Review Essay) by Richard Collins


Contributors' Notes

V 19 N 1 1999

Volume 19 Issue 1
Spring 1999

Volume 19 Issue 1
Spring 1999


A Suite of Poems by Lorenzo Thomas


Three Playlets by Rosary O'Neill


Creo! (Fiction) by S.D. Pomfret


Three Poems by Patricia Ward


"Vain Words": Job, the Father, and Ernest Gaines's "Triads" (Essay) by

James B. Potts, III


Mandela's Message (Poem) by Rozell Caldwell


Kollage (Poem) by Michael Hall


Our Collisions (Poem) by Naton Leslie


Cheerful Subjects (Fiction) by Marjorie Kemper


Voice Among Trees (Poem) by Antonio Ramos Rosa and Translated by Alexis Levitin


Dust to Dust (Fiction) by Sandy Hutson


Questions Asked in Prayer (Poem) by Fredrick Zydek


The Church of St. Sulspicious (Poem) by Allison Fir Jenks


Pavan for a Dead Princess (Poem) by Anne-Marie Brumm


Men on the Moon (Fiction) by Erik Sanzenback


Oldies (Poem) by Claude Wilkinson


Pale Sky Go Away (Poem) by Ken Waldman


Copyright (Poem) by William Aiken


Tears from Heaven (Fiction) by Danielle Alyce Rome


Images of Place in a Hidden Mirror (Review Essay) by Frank de Caro


Stopping the Bad Rap in Women's Negative History (Review Essay)